Fun barefoot weekend with family

by sharleen wl so last weekend my family decided to get together at my parents' house. i was excited cuz although we live on the same island, i very seldom get to see everyone. i got off work a little early on friday like around 4 pm. as i got to my apartment i immediately changed into my favorite attire - a tank top and ripped jeans shorts and got ready to leave. there wasn't much to pack as i would be wearing the same clothes. so all i brought were toiletries, my phone and charger, and some stuff for my parents and siblings which i put in my backpack. i didn't even bring any footwear since i was going to be barefoot the entire time. dad had offered to pick me up but i decided to take the bus instead. it's actually more fun. seriously. i love riding the bus barefoot. i put on my new pair of nerdy glasses (ya, i started wearing glasses like a month ago) and walked to the bus stop. a nerdy look and bare feet are the bomb, lol. while i was sitting at the bus stop already

Still barefoot after all these years

by sharleen wl the following took place some time last year when we were still in lock down and our restaurant only served take out orders. as i previously told you i was working as a cashier and they let me work barefoot since there were no dine-in customers. that particular day was quite busy, and one of the servers didn't come in, so they were underhanded.  i offered to help by bringing the orders out to the customers who were waiting in their cars outside. at first my boss hesitated cos i was barefoot but finally let me do it since they could really use my help. it was around 6:30 pm and it was still a little light outside. one of the servers asked me if i could bring out an order to the car parked right in front. i said sure. i looked at the receipt and saw the name was david. so i walked out and saw there was only one person in the car (the driver). he was wearing a hat and a face mask. so i went to the driver's window which was open and said, "david? here's your

Barefoot related horror story

aloha everyone! this is sharleen with a little update. how's it going? things are improving here in hawaii and i hope its the same where you are. just hang in there, everything will get better. i'm now working 2 regular jobs - at the souvenir shop and the restaurant. the souvenir shop cut their hours, so i work there during the day, and at the restaurant in the evening. but since people are now eating inside again, they no longer allow me to work barefoot. oh well! it was nice while it lasted, and hey, it could be alot worse, so i'm not complaining. oh, and i still work at the tanaka's on weekends too (barefoot). so yeah, they all keep me busy. i'll post a more detailed update soon, but now i'd like to tell you about a new horror story that i just posted to my story blog. its based on an actual experience when i was a college student going barefoot to school and everything. you see, because i love going barefoot, i've met quite a number of guys with foot fet

Working a barefoot job part 2

by sharleen wl ok so i finally graduated from college. phew! i was this close to not making it but i finally did, and i'm proud of myself. and the best thing is i'm still barefoot. i've not been able to find a job in my field, and since i'm living on my own now, the part time job i had at the tanaka's* wasn't going to cut it. ya, my parents told me since i'm no longer a student, i couldn't continue to fully depend on them. i would have to try hard to support myself one way or another. they would still be there as a safety net. so i had to find a full time job whether in my field or not. it wasn't easy, and for many months i was living on instant noodels :) i had a few interviews (oh, i hate going to those cuz i have to dress up and wear shoes lol) but i didn't get any of the jobs. one day my young boss michelle told me that a friend of hers who owns a souvenier shop in a tourist area needed a cashier and that i would be a good fit. she wo

Another day in the life of a barefoot college student - 4 years later

by sharleen wl It was 4 years ago that I wrote "A day in the life of a barefoot college student" so you may be wondering why I'm still in school. Did I continue on to graduate school? Nope. I should've graduated at the end of last spring, but I have to retake a few courses and do some extra work before I can graduate. People tell me I'm too much of a free spirit, a wild child. I really love life, and I guess I've been enjoying it a little too much, and now I'm paying the price. Needless to say my parents aren't happy and they have been giving me s h i t about it. But hey, at least I didn't quit or flunk out (yet), right? As I wrote in my previous posts, I moved out of my parents' house at the beginning of my sophomore year. I'm living in a small apartment within walking distance from campus, and I work a part time job. I'm still able to go barefoot most of the time including at work. I also have alot more freedom living on my own,

Working a barefoot job, spooky walk home

Read about my experience working barefoot and a spooky walk home. by sharleen wl Tania graduated at the end of my freshman year in college (she's 3 years older than me), and immediately got a job downtown. Unfortunately she can't work barefoot which cuts down on her barefooting time. But she takes off her shoes in the office whenever she can and sometimes even walk around barefoot like to the break room. Its ok as long as her manager doesn't know :) She still goes barefoot all the time outside of work. We agreed for her to take the car since she needed it more. My parents didn't want to buy me another car though, cuz I wasn't doing very well in college. They said I had become a wild child, and letting me have a car would only make things worse. So what were my options? I could take the bus to school but that would take alot longer and I would have to wake up earlier every morning. Or I could live in an apartment close to campus so I could just walk. The l

Dirty mouth, dirty feet, wild child

by sharleen wl Hey, hows it going barefoot guys and gals? I know its been along time since I posted. School kinda got in the way. Then I got really sick over the summer while my family was on vacation overseas. Bummer. But I'm feeling much better now, and excited that October my favorite month is here. You may remember that I, unlike my big sister Tania, didn't really like having dirty feet. I would like wash my feet every day before entering the house or going to bed. That was when I was living with my parents, and I believe I was greatly influenced by my mom who was (and still is) a clean freak. Even before I became a barefooter she would tell me to wash my feet at bed time even when they weren't dirty. She was opposed to us going barefoot in the beginning but finally relented since many people do it here, but she wanted us to have our feet clean inside the house. Tania rebelled and didn't listen, but I at the time thought it was a good idea to have clean feet.