Barefoot in Seattle

by Sharleen (Lynn) WL

I had previously heard that Seattle was a barefoot friendly city, so I was excited when I had the chance to prove it for myself early last summer. My girlfriend Sandra and I were going a cruise to Alaska leaving from Seattle. As you know from one of my previous posts (barefoot thanksgiving break) I'm bi, and Sandra who was my childhood best friend, is lesbian.

Anyway, we were planning to stay in Seattle for a day before the cruise, and we already booked a hotel. It was a quaint little waterfront hotel, and we were lucky to get an ocean view so that we could watch ships pass by. Sandra has relatives in Seattle whom she wanted to spend some time with, so she flew in a day earlier.

After being denied boarding barefoot on my trip to Houston the year before (barefoot thanksgiving break), I didn't bother trying it this time. I just put on flip flops to board, and took them off again once I was on the plane. I deplaned in Seattle and walked around the airport ba…

Going barefoot is magical

Hey, what's going on boys and girls? Its mid winter in the northern hemisphere, so many of you are probably not out and about in bare feet except maybe for a few brave and die-hard soles souls. On the contrary, those in the southern hemisphere are having a blast. I'm glad I live where its warm pretty much all year cuz I'm not built for cold weather, although sometimes I'm curious what its like to walk barefoot in the snow.

Going barefoot is magical. Yeah, we all know that, right? But I just posted an article on our personal development blog about how going barefoot can make you healthier and happier.

I have a strong interest in personal development/self improvement as it teaches you to be a better person and to live life to the fullest. So I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate something I really enjoy doing (i.e. going barefoot) into it. Its also a way to spread the awareness of the benefits of going barefoot to counteract the negative views that many people …

Barefoot Thanksgiving break

by Sharleen (Lynn) WL

Last year over Thanksgiving break I visited my best friend Sandra (who is also my girlfriend now) in Houston where she goes to school. Yeah, I'm bi and she's lesbian, so after I broke up with my last boyfriend, Sandra and I developed a romantic relationship. Its been great cuz we both have alot of things in common including the love of going barefoot. What kinda sucks is she had to move to Houston.

Anyway, I flew to Houston a couple days before Thanksgiving. I was planning to do it entirely barefoot like I did when I was a kid (you can read the story here on the blog if you haven't already - its titled "Traveling Barefoot"), but unfortunately at the gate I was told to put shoes on. So I just wore my flip flops which I put in my backpack. The staff was nice about it though, he just looked at me and smiled. Once I got on the plane I took 'em off again. I walked out of the plane barefoot in Houston, and no one said anything.

Sandra picked …

New barefoot Halloween stories

How's it going everyone? Are you still barefoot or is it too cold already where you live? I'm lucky to live in Hawaii where I can go barefoot all year. Well, its that spooky time of the year again, and I have a treat for ya! I have written 2 new barefoot Halloween stories. Instead of cross-posting them I'll just link them here.

The first one is about when I went trick-or-treating barefoot when I was 12 years old. I was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood who is often depicted barefoot. I saw something that kinda spooked me at one of the houses in the neighborhood. This story is kid friendly which means its not so scary, and there is no profanity. Yeah, I can be a good girl once in a while, lol.

The second one is about when I met a barefoot little girl on a cold and foggy October night, a couple of weeks before Halloween. It happened when I had to take the bus home after my evening class at college. This is quite a chilling story (pun intended) which is also rather sad. It co…

Going barefoot is legal

Is going barefoot legal? At home, who cares, right? But what about out in public? Many people wonder, and are frequently given the wrong answer.

Unfortunately in this day and age, especially in the US and a few other countries, some people still believe that going barefoot in public is illegal, especially being barefoot in establishments like stores, restaurants, etc.

Barefooters often get kicked out and told that they need to put on shoes or at the very least people stare at them like their from a different planet or even mentally unstable. This can be unnerving to newbie barefooters. Some are afraid to even try. Many people also believe that driving barefoot is illegal.

Well, the good news is, none of that is true. Feet, just like hands, are not private parts, so its ok to expose them. Nobody requires you to wear gloves, right?

Problem is, beliefs are hard to change, especially if they have been around for decades. But with the internet today its easier than ever to share knowledge…

Going Barefoot in Class Benefits Students

Hey everyone, how's it going? This is gonna be a short post.

I was just checking out what's going on in the barefooting world, and I came across an article titled "Students to go barefoot in class as experts highlight benefits of 'shoeless' learning."

I thought that sounded really cool as I'm a strong advocate of going barefoot. So I decided to read the article. It's about a research that was initially conducted by the students themselves. It cites the benefits of going barefoot in class for primary school students such as helping them learn better and even improving their behavior, and now the school (a primary school in London) is starting to implement "shoeless lessons."

Fantastic, right? Well, there's just one big problem. At least with what's shown on the page. In the pictures the students are NOT actually barefoot. They're wearing socks! Ugh! Wearing socks is not the same as going barefoot. Just like when you're wearing…

Lost in the Woods Barefoot

by Sharleen (Lynn) WL

Author's note: In the spirit of Halloween, here's a little spooky treat for ya!

I'm a free spirit. Always have been. When I was a kid I often got in trouble for wandering away from whoever was looking after me, and taking my shoes off at every chance I got and running around barefoot.

One day when I was in 4th grade we went on a field trip to a botanical garden located in a beautiful area just outside the forest. It was about 5 pm when we left to go back to town. A few minutes after we started, our bus had engine trouble. We were still in a tourist area, so the driver pulled over to a parking lot where many tourist buses were parked and called for a replacement bus.

It was going to take a while for the replacement bus to arrive, so the teachers let the kids off the bus to play outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but they told us not to go too far from the bus, and to stay with the group. One of them even told me specifically with a stern vo…