Living the barefoot lifestyle

by Jonathan Y

What is it like to live the barefoot lifestyle, and what does it even mean? It means you go barefoot a lot, including in public places. You probably spend more time in bare feet than not.

It doesn't necessarily mean you have to be barefoot 24/7, though. Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to live that kind of lifestyle due to their jobs, social activities, the weather etc. But you can try to go barefoot as much as possible. It feels fantastic as it's so natural, and liberating.

Many people wish they could live the barefoot lifestyle, but they are a little apprehensive in the beginning which is understandable. So I suggest you start slowly, like some call it taking baby steps. If you have never been barefoot even inside the house except when taking a shower or sleeping (some people are actually like that for whatever reason) then obviously that's the place to start.

Put your house slippers or whatever you usually wear on your feet at home away, and just walk barefoot in the house at all times, starting when you wake up in the morning going to the bathroom, getting your coffee or breakfast, and so on. Don't put your shoes or even socks on until you're ready to leave for work or school. Then as soon as you get back home, take off your shoes and socks, and relax. Your feet will surely appreciate it.

The next step would be to walk barefoot outside your house like in your yard, getting the mail, etc. and begin to enjoy the sense of freedom and appreciate the sensation as your bare soles touch the earth. Believe me, there's nothing like being able to feel the different textures and temperatures of the surface you walk on. Let nature caress your feet.

Another thing to consider is doing some exercise that's done in bare feet such as swimming, yoga, and martial arts just to get yourself to feel comfortable being barefoot with other people around. Those exercises have a lot of benefits and are fun to do anyway.

When you get a little more comfortable you can start expanding your barefoot adventure to the neighborhood. If there is a nearby park where you can stroll in your bare feet, that's even better. You'll probably start noticing other people's reactions to your going barefoot.

Some may smile, some may give you a dirty look, some may gasp in shock but still not say a word. Yet others may say something to complement you and express their wish that they too could be barefoot. If it helps, you can try carrying a pair of shoes or flip flops in your hand so that people think you're barefoot because your feet are hurting or tired. Who knows, some may actually follow suit! :)

On occasion you might hear some snide remarks from those that are less well mannered. That might be nerve rattling to some the first few times but after a while you'll learn to dismiss them and continue going barefoot and enjoying your life. Remember, how people treat others reflects who they really are. It has nothing to do with you. So, just focus on the positive and ignore the negative.

You may also want to join a barefoot hiking group in your area. Barefoot hiking is really an adventure in itself and is worth exploring. If there is none in your area, maybe you can start one :)

After you become even more comfortable and confident, you may want to start going barefoot into establishments. Again, start slowly. Some people prefer to do it in a different town where nobody knows them and that's fine if that suits them.

You could probably start visiting a less crowded store or a small fast food restaurant to buy something real quick and leave. Then you gradually walk your way to large grocery stores, the mall, even the bank and other restaurants. Again, you may feel nervous the first few times, but you will feel more at ease with practice.

I must warn you though, that the potential for confrontation is greater in establishments. Managers and employees alike may tell you it's against the law to go in without footwear, and you may have to defend yourself (some non-confrontational barefooters would just walk away). That's when a copy of the Health Department letter of your state (you can print a copy of it for free from this page) comes in handy. It would serve as a hard black-and-white proof that you're not breaking any law by going barefoot.

Some people, for whatever reason, would never actually go barefoot into establishments and that's perfectly fine. You know your limits, and do what you're comfortable with. Remember, you do it because it feels good, and if you feel uncomfortable in certain places it beats the purpose, right?

In closing, if you've never gone barefoot in public and you have the desire, I strongly urge you to try it. You've got nothing to lose except your $hoes, he he he! Who knows, you may even get addicted to it like me and start going barefoot just about everywhere most of the time :) So have fun, live the barefoot lifestyle, and enjoy life!

By the way... have you ever heard of barefoot sandals? They're really cool. You can wear them to casual parties such as a barefoot wedding and sometimes even to not-so-casual parties because they can actually fool people into thinking that you're wearing sandals when you're not! Many barefooters wear them to stores and other establishments that require shoes and most of the time get away with it :)

Check out some great barefoot sandals here.

Here's a couple of quotes encouraging going barefoot...

"... Barefoot, we're almost always at peace. We're gentle and tolerant with our fellow man. Stress and anxiety evaporate and grief itself seems bearable as long as our feet are free ..."
~Barbara Holland~ in Endangered Pleasures: In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity, and Other Indulgences


"and forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the Winds long to play with your hair"
~Kahlil Gilbran~

Well, what are you waiting for? Kick off your $h%es, $ocks or $andals now and start walking barefoot. Even the earth will appreciate that, and certainly will your feet! :)


  1. My family certainly LOVES to go barefoot, but in our case Social Services is trying to force us to stop! Who would have ever believed THAT possible??

    The JW Spencer family, Clay City, KY

  2. Do your friends go barefooted all the time too? Do they seem to mind when you visit them barefoot with your dirty feet on their carpets?

  3. I love being barefoot but it's only at homes,how do i be barefoot everywhere


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