Going barefoot is gross

by sharleen wl

'going barefoot is gross!' that's what i often hear from people when they first learn about my barefoot lifestyle or see me walking around in dirty bare feet. i don't only hear this from strangers but even some of my friends say it on occasion. in the beginning i would be embarrassed and would be somewhat reluctant to go barefoot in public. but at this point i no longer care. in fact i wear it as a badge of honor. i'm a free spirit, i live life the way i like it and don't worry about what other people say. gotta admit, personal hygiene isn't always my top priority (you may have already known this from many of my posts haha!). so i may be gross but i'm healthy and i live a fun and happy life and to me that's all that matters.

barefoot asian girl with dirty feet

so for fun i decided to experiment with ai. the following was written by chat gpt. ya, you can tell it wasn't written by me cuz the grammer and spelling are perfect lol. but don't worry it won't replace me as a blog writer. like i said this was just a fun experiment. i asked it to write a short story about a girl named lynn (that's me) who loves going barefoot and getting her feet dirty is fun but some of her friends think its gross. i think it did a pretty good job. it quite accurately describes me and my lifestyle of choice (with the exception of the part about washing my feet thoroughly and keeping them clean lol). enjoy!


Once upon a time, in a small town nestled by the countryside, there lived a cheerful and adventurous girl named Lynn. She was also a rebellious girl who loved to do things her own way, even if it meant going against societal norms. One of her quirks was that she preferred to go barefoot everywhere she went, getting her feet all dirty, much to the chagrin of her parents and peers. From a young age, Lynn had discovered the simple joy of feeling the earth beneath her feet and relished the sensation of freedom it brought.

Lynn's barefoot adventures took her to various places - a meandering path through a vibrant forest, a sun-kissed beach with warm sand, or even the muddy fields after a refreshing rain. She cherished the way the different textures teased her senses and brought her closer to nature.

However, not everyone understood Lynn's love for barefoot exploration. Some of her friends, who were more inclined to wear sturdy shoes, found her habit puzzling. They believed that getting one's feet dirty was gross and unhygienic.

One sunny day, Lynn and her friends gathered at the local park for a picnic. Lynn, as usual, went without shoes. She walked in the lush green grass and enjoyed the warmth of the summer day, her bare feet connecting with the soft blades of grass.

As the afternoon unfolded, Lynn's friends began to notice her unshod feet, now tinted with a touch of earthy brown. Curiosity got the better of them, and they couldn't help but ask Lynn about her unique choice.

"Hey, Lynn, why don't you wear shoes like the rest of us? Isn't it gross to have your feet all dirty?" one of her friends inquired.

Lynn, with a warm smile, sat down on a picnic blanket and explained, "For me, going barefoot is an incredible experience. I love feeling the ground beneath my feet. It connects me to nature in a way that shoes simply can't. Getting my feet dirty is just a part of the adventure."

Her friends listened attentively, intrigued by her perspective. Lynn continued, "Of course, I make sure to wash my feet thoroughly afterward, keeping them clean and healthy. But a little dirt on my feet doesn't bother me because I enjoy the freedom and sensory experience that comes with going barefoot."

As Lynn shared her passion and reasoning, her friends began to see her barefoot adventures in a different light. They realized that what seemed strange to them was, in fact, a delightful expression of Lynn's unique spirit and connection to the world around her.

The afternoon unfolded with laughter and understanding. Some of Lynn's friends even took off their shoes, dipping their toes into the grass, curious to experience a taste of her barefoot joy. They discovered that it wasn't as unpleasant as they had imagined. Instead, it was a liberating and refreshing experience.

From that day forward, Lynn's friends embraced her love for going barefoot, appreciating the beauty in her perspective. They began to understand that different people find happiness in different ways, and it's important to accept and respect those differences.

And so, Lynn's barefoot adventures continued, not only as her own cherished experience but also as a source of inspiration and acceptance among her friends. They learned that sometimes stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing the "unconventional" can lead to delightful discoveries and deepened friendships.

Lynn's rebellious spirit and barefoot lifestyle may not be for everyone, but she lived life on her own terms, and that's what made her happy. She was a reminder that sometimes it's okay to break the rules and go against the norm. After all, life is too short to not live it to the fullest.


so do you think going barefoot is gross or maybe other people tell you that? i'd say if you enjoy going barefoot, just do it, gross or not, and don't give a fuck about what other people think. if you don't like having dirty feet you can always wash them as often as you like (just like me when i was little). if you like having them dirty, hey, kudos to you. its easy to keep them that way lol.

from paradise hawaii, this is sharleen the barefoot girl reminding you that life is magical. yes, especially when you go barefoot even if people think its gross. so until next time...

enjoy going barefoot and let's make it a magical day!