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Feb 4, 2017

Going Barefoot in Class Benefits Students

Hey everyone, how's it going? This is gonna be a short post.

I was just checking out what's going on in the barefooting world, and I came across an article titled "Students to go barefoot in class as experts highlight benefits of 'shoeless' learning."

I thought that sounded really cool as I'm a strong advocate of going barefoot. So I decided to read the article. It's about a research that was initially conducted by the students themselves. It cites the benefits of going barefoot in class for primary school students such as helping them learn better and even improving their behavior, and now the school (a primary school in London) is starting to implement "shoeless lessons."

Fantastic, right? Well, there's just one big problem. At least with what's shown on the page. In the pictures the students are NOT actually barefoot. They're wearing socks! Ugh! Wearing socks is not the same as going barefoot. Just like when you're wearing only underwear you're NOT n a k e d!

If you wanna do something you've gotta do it right and go all the way. But I guess it's a step in the right direction.

I also read the comments, and sadly, all of them (so far) are negative which shows that many people are misinformed and have a negative attitude toward going barefoot (they mentioned the risk of catching diseases and stuff). That's why it's important for us barefooters to educate others.

On a related note, you can read my little sister's experience going barefoot at school if you haven't already.

Oh, in case you want to read that article (and perhaps leave a more positive comment), here's the link.



Oct 26, 2016

Lost in the Woods Barefoot

by Lynn WL

Author's note: In the spirit of Halloween, here's a little spooky treat for ya!


I'm a free spirit. Always have been. When I was a kid I often got in trouble for wandering away from whoever was looking after me, and taking my shoes off at every chance I got and running around barefoot.

One day when I was in 4th grade we went on a field trip to a botanical garden located in a beautiful area just outside the forest. It was about 5 pm when we left to go back to town. A few minutes after we started, our bus had engine trouble. We were still in a tourist area, so the driver pulled over to a parking lot where many tourist buses were parked and called for a replacement bus.

It was going to take a while for the replacement bus to arrive, so the teachers let the kids off the bus to play outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but they told us not to go too far from the bus, and to stay with the group. One of them even told me specifically with a stern voice, "You got that, Lynn? Don't wander off!"

"Ok, Miss Jones," I said with a smile, but this rebellious little girl had little regards for rules. There was a stairway that went down from the parking lot to a beautiful area with lots of trees and a small lake. Being a nature lover, I immediately had the urge to head down there. I knew I wasn't supposed to but I didn't care. So I waited till none of the teachers and my classmates were looking, and at the perfect moment I disappeared down the stairway.

I met some tourists who were walking back up to their buses, and many of them smiled and said hi to me. I was in my school uniform (a white short sleeve shirt, a brown plaid skirt, and a brown tie), so they knew I was a local student. One family struck up a conversation with me asking what school I was from, and how come I was by myself. I told them I was just going to check out the lake real quick. They all told me to be careful.

Finally I got down to the lake. The scenery was breathtaking. But there were not many people around anymore since it was getting later. My feet had been cooped up in shoes all day, and they longed to touch the ground. So I took off my shoes to let my bare feet taste a little freedom before heading back up. Ahh... it was heavenly!

I saw a dirt path leading towards the woods, and I decided to walk it. The feeling of my soles touching the dirt was indescribable. It was magical. But suddenly the dirt path disappeared and the ground was completely covered with grass. I just continued walking, not realizing that I had actually entered the forest.

I was marveling at the tall trees when I suddenly realized it was starting to get dark. I looked at my watch. Oh my god, it was past 6 o'clock. I had better head back. The replacement bus was probably there already, and I would get in trouble! But wait, which way should I go? I seemed to have gotten lost. I walked in all directions but couldn't find that dirt path again. I was overcome with fear.

I screamed for help but of course, no one could hear me. I was stranded pretty deep in the forest with no phone or anything else with me as I had left everything in my backpack on the bus. Feeling totally helpless, I sat down on a big rock and started sobbing. Meanwhile, it was almost completely dark.

I don't know how long I had been crying when I suddenly felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked up, and through my tears I saw an old man standing next to me. He had grey hair and beard, and he looked kind. I was a little relieved to see another human being.

"Why are you crying, my beautiful child? And how come you're barefoot?" he asked.

I wiped my teary eyes and runny nose with my hands, and told him what had happened, and how scared I was. The old man smiled and looked at me sympathetically. "So, you've been pretty naughty! Everything comes with a price, my child. But don't worry, I live not too far from here, and you can come home with me. I'll make you some hot cocoa, and first thing tomorrow morning I'll show you how to get back to town. It's too dark and unsafe to go now." He extended his hand to me. "Come, sweetie!"

I was hesitant, but what other option did I have? So I took his hand and he pulled me up. It was completely dark now. There was a full moon, but the night was a little misty. Thankfully, it was quite warm. "What's your name, sweetie?" asked the man as we were walking together.

"Lynn. What's yours?" I replied.

He chuckled and said, "Well, you remind me a lot of my granddaughter. She's about your age and very pretty just like you, but also quite naughty, and hates wearing shoes. So, you can just call me grandpa."

After walking for about 5 minutes I saw a small wooden house in the distance with a little light flickering in the window. "That's where I live, Lynn," said the old man.

spooky house in the woods
As we got closer I noticed there was someone sitting in a rocking chair in the front porch. It was an old woman with grey hair. "Ah, that's grandma," said the man again.

As it was dark, I could hardly make out her face until I was right in front of her. Her face looked pale in the misty moonlight, and it was full of wrinkles. She was staring into the darkness, as if oblivious of our presence. But she was rocking in the chair! I thought she looked kind of like... a wicked old witch. One that eats kids!

I felt chill down my back and shuddered. What if she was a wicked witch looking for her next child to make into dinner? "H... Hi, grandma..." I greeted her trying to be polite, and my voice was a little shaky. But she completely ignored me and kept on rocking. How rude!

"Hehe, don't worry about it, Lynn. She's hard of hearing, and her eyesight is failing too. Come inside, and have a seat," said grandpa as he gently ushered me in.

The house was dark and musty. The only source of light was that lone candle flickering by the window. I could hardly see anything, but my bare soles could feel a thick layer of dust covering the floor.

"Well, make yourself comfortable, Lynn. I'll go make you some hot cocoa," said grandpa as he walked toward the back of the house. Into the darkness.

So I sat in one of the chairs. I could hear crickets chirping outside accompanied by the rhythmic creaking of grandma's old rocking chair. It was really creepy, and I shivered. I wasn't sure if I would be able to spend the night there.

I sat there patiently. But after about 20 minutes, and grandpa had not come back out, I began to feel anxious. How long does it take to make a cup of hot cocoa? What was taking him so long? I decided to wait a little longer. The continuous chirping and creaking made me restless. After what I felt was like an hour, and he had not shown up yet, I started to panic.

I got up and called out to him, "Grandpa...! Grandpa...! Where are you!? Are you ok? Do you need any help?" But there was no answer. I wasn't going to walk to the back and look for him as it was too dark and scary. So instead, I decided to go outside and talk to grandma. I approached her with trepidation. "Uh... excuse me... grandma... where's... where's grandpa?"

Again, the old woman didn't respond. She acted as if I wasn't there, and continued rocking. So I said with a louder voice (and this time I also shook her chair), "Grandma! Please talk to me! I'm trying to find grandpa!"

The woman stopped rocking and slowly turned her head towards me. "Grandpa? Amber, is that you?" she said with a feeble voice.

"No, my name is Lynn! I was lost in the woods, and grandpa... your husband brought me here. He said he was going to make me some hot cocoa and told me to sit down, but he hasn't come back out, and it's already been a hour!" I said in frustration.

"My child... grandpa is gone..." she replied faintly.

"Huh!? Gone where!? I saw him walk to the back of the house. I called him but he didn't answer!"

"Oh Lynn, my child... grandpa... he... is no longer here."

I became more confused. "What do you mean, grandma?!"

She sighed. "You see, my child, about a year ago grandpa was trying to make some hot cocoa in the kitchen when he suddenly had a heart attack and collapsed to the floor. I heard him scream and rushed to help him but alas...! Due to my poor eyesight I tripped on a chair and fell down myself, hitting my head on the edge of the table. I also screamed for help, but being in the middle of the woods, no one was able to hear us. So grandpa finally died of his heart attack. Meanwhile, I felt my whole body getting weaker by the minute, and everything became darker until finally... it was completely dark and I didn't feel anything anymore..."

Not yet fully aware of the situation, I gasped and exclaimed, "Oh, grandma... that's so horrible!" But it didn't take me long to register what I was dealing with. "But... but... that means you... you are..." I couldn't finish my sentence as I was overcome by the horror of the realization.

Suddenly grandma let out an eerie chuckle. "Heheheh! You're right, Lynn. We both died that night. So... what are you doing here? Heheheh!"

I totally froze. As much as I wanted to run, I couldn't move. You know, like when you're having a nightmare your whole body is stiff. All I could do was scream. "Oh my god, no! No, nooo...!! Heeelp...!!"

All of a sudden, I felt a boost of energy, and I was able to lift my feet off the ground, so I dashed out of there. Meanwhile, grandma continued to chuckle. Now it was louder and more sinister.

Good thing I wasn't wearing shoes, for I could run faster barefoot. I didn't know and didn't care which direction I was running, as long as it was away from that dreadful house. The moonlight helped me see so I didn't run into trees or stumble on their big roots and rocks.

After a while I slowed down to catch my breath. I looked back and saw nothing but darkness. I tried to listen for any sound, and all I could here was the pounding of my heart and chirping crickets. No creaking or chuckling. I felt quite safe, so I walked instead of ran since I was exhausted.

Then as if by magic I saw light in the distance - the reflection of city lights on the clouds. I started running again, in the direction of the light. Then I saw a highway. What a relief! It was the main highway, and hopefully there still would be a public bus that could take me home. I soon arrived at the highway and found a bus stop.

Soon a bus came. It was number 50 which I knew would go to my town. The driver was a little shocked to see me - a barefooted little girl in school uniform trying to catch a bus at that late hour. He asked me what happened, and I briefly told him I was playing by the lake and got lost in the woods. He asked me if he needed to call the police. I told him no, I just wanted to go home to my parents. He was very sympathetic and told me to go ahead and sit down (I didn't have any money or bus pass at the time).

The bus wasn't full, so I was able to find a seat with no one sitting next to me. I didn't want anyone asking me anymore questions. As you can imagine, I was really shaken up. I felt like crying but tried hard to hold it back, not wanting to draw attention.

Finally, the bus arrived in my town. I thanked the driver for his kindness as I was getting off. He asked me how far I lived, and I told him just a few blocks from the bus stop. He told me to be careful. I started running the second I got off the bus as I couldn't wait to get home.

As you would expect, my parents were shocked, relieved, and angry at the same time when they saw me. They had collaborated with the school to file a missing child report, so they immediately called the police to cancel it when I turned up at home. I had a lot of explaining to do, and I did the best I could.

But my parents didn't buy any of my story. I mean, they believed I wandered off and got lost, but that was it. The rest was completely made up or imagined. Dad said I had been reading too many ghost story books, and I had an overactive imagination.

Mom, who was the disciplinarian, was less lenient. She said I fabricated the whole thing to avoid getting punished. She was also upset that I had lost my shoes and came home in bare and filthy feet. She gave me a good spanking that night before I even ate dinner, and I was grounded for one whole week.

I had a hard time sleeping that night. I was still really scared and frustrated that my parents didn't believe me. I left my lights on fearing that "grandpa and grandma" might appear in my room if it was dark. I spent most of the night crying. As if that wasn't bad enough, the next day I was suspended from school.

When I went back to school I told my story to some of my friends but just like my parents, they thought I made it all up, except for my best friend Jen. She believed every word of it, but it also freaked her out, and she told me not to mention it to her ever again. It took me a while to get back being the carefree, upbeat, and mischievous little girl. For some time, I was moody and reserved.

Today I'm a college student, and more free spirited than ever. I'm a happy girl with a positive outlook on life, and I still love to go barefoot. But what took place that terrifying night 9 years ago still haunts me. I've had recurring nightmares about it. I have a rough idea where that house is located, and I've been contemplating going back there one of these days and doing a little investigation. If the house still exists, that is.

I wonder what I would find inside. Of course, I would go during the day, and perhaps bring someone with me. (Can you imagine going at night? Wonder if grandma would still be rocking). Hey, I'd probably even go in bare feet. I'm quite adventurous but then again, certain things are best left alone.


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Oct 7, 2016

A Barefoot Girl in the Storm

by Lynn WL

Author's note: This is a short story that I originally posted on Reddit. I have rewritten it in the first person.


It was a dark and stormy night, and it was still raining the following day into the afternoon.

I had just finished eating lunch and was sitting cross-legged on the couch in a pink tank top and white shorts watching TV. Schools were closed as many of the roads and buildings were flooded. It was a week before Halloween, my favorite holiday. Normally, it would be an exciting time, but today I was getting a little bored and kind of tired of the rain.

I actually loved the rain, especially dark and stormy nights. I would curl up in bed under the covers and read a ghost story book, and that's exactly what I did the night before. I loved being scared. Well, not too much, though. After all, I was only 9. But this weather had been a little too much even for me. I wished the sun had been out so I could go play outside with my friends again.

I looked at my soles. They were quite dirty from playing outside barefoot the day before, and I didn't bother washing them before going to bed. And in this weather, taking a shower was the last thing I wanted to do.

Yeah, I was a free spirit who always hated wearing shoes or anything on my feet. I would take off any footwear at every chance I got to my mom's dismay.

My mom was busy in the kitchen cleaning up and preparing to make my favorite Halloween cookies. "Shoot, I'm low on sugar again!" she said.

Hearing that, I had a bright idea. "Ooh, ooh, mom, I can go out and get some sugar for you," I said with excitement. "I'll just walk over to Mr. Lee's store which is really close by. All I need is my poncho!"

"Nah! Are you kidding me? You're gonna get all wet and get sick. You're already starting to have a cold, aren't you?" replied mom.

"But mom, I wanna go and I'll be fine. Besides, I once read online that you don't actually get sick from getting wet. That's just an old wives' tale."

Mom just chucked as she listened to her smart-ass little daughter. "OK Lynn, if you insist, and while you're there you can get me some coffee too," she said.

"Yay!" I was elated as I jumped up and grabbed my poncho. Mom handed me some money and I started to walk towards the door. But she yelled,

"Whoa, wait a minute kiddo! Aren't you gonna put something on your feet?" while staring at my bare feet.

You see, mom had kind of accepted the fact that I hated wearing shoes, but she thought today was different. It was pouring outside, and I would need to wear something to protect my feet.

"Aw, come on mom! If I wear shoes, they're just gonna get wet and flip flops, forget it! It will be harder for me to walk, and I might even slip and fall. It's just water, just like going to the pool or the beach. What's the big deal?" I argued.

Mom just sighed and finally relented. "Well, alright," she said shaking her head.

I looked at her and smiled. A smile of victory. I then dashed out the door into the storm. My raincoat was protective to a certain degree. My face still got wet as the wind blew against it. But my bare feet couldn't be happier splashing in the water all the way to Mr. Lee's convenient store which was just a few blocks away.

Mr. Lee was a little shocked to see me turn up in his store in such a stormy day. The old and slightly eccentric Chinese man was sitting in his rocking chair smoking a cigar. "Whoa, what brings you here in this terrible weather pretty young lady?"

"My mom needs some sugar."

"Sugar? Can't that wait till tomorrow? How could she send you out in the storm like this?

"Well, she needs it to make Halloween cookies and dinner later on, and actually, I really wanted to go out cuz I was getting bored at home. Oh, she needs some coffee too," I said smiling.

"Oh well, alright. You just wait here and I'll get the stuff for your mom," said the old man as he got up. "Hey, that's pretty smart," he added pointing at my bare feet. "You don't wanna ruin your shoes!"

I just smiled wishing mom would have heard that. Mr. Lee walked behind the counter to get some sugar and coffee.

I was standing there humming my favorite song. I stopped as I suddenly felt I was being watched. But by whom? I looked around but didn't see anyone. Then I looked toward the door that led to the back of the store. There was a dark figure in the back room, like someone wearing a black robe and hood. But the room was dark and the lights were off. The only source of light were two candles on a small altar in the room. So I wasn't absolutely sure what the thing was. Then the figure move towards the back and disappeared completely.

"What the hell is that?" I thought. Suddenly I had goosebumps and was petrified.

"Alright, kid. Here's your sugar and coffee!" said Mr. Lee which startled me and I jumped. "Oh hohoh, sorry Lynn, I didn't mean to scare you!"

"Mr. Lee, who's in the back?"

He was caught off guard. "Huh? Back there? Oh, uh... no... no one's back there, kid. I'm here by myself, heheheh!"

"But... I think I saw someone or something..."

"Oh, no, no, no, dear, there's no one back there. It's probably the candle flickering making it look like something was moving, heheheh! Now go on home, your mom must be waiting, heheheh!"

I knew the old man was trying to hide something but I didn't want to press the issue. So I paid him and walked back out into the rain.

Mom must have noticed that I wasn't quite as upbeat when I got home as I was when I left. "Are you OK sweetie?" she asked.

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine," I replied as I took off my poncho and wiped my wet face and feet. My feet were actually pretty clean now after being washed by the rain. "Ahchoo!"

"See, what did I tell you? Your cold is gonna get worse now since you got wet!" scolded mom.

"I'll be OK, mom!" I said sniffling.

I went back to the couch, turned the TV back on, and started flipping the channels. Suddenly something very interesting caught my eye. It was a special program on Chinese folklore. I watched it intently as it mentioned the different types of ghosts and monsters the Chinese believe in, and how they try to appease them by offering them foods and other goodies.

I felt chill down my spine. Could it have been a ghost I saw in Mr. Lee's store? When the program was over I couldn't contain it anymore. I went to kitchen and told mom everything I saw in the store and the TV program, and how they all kind of fit together.

Mom smiled lovingly. "Sweetie, there's no such thing as ghosts. The program was about folklore, right? That means those are just ancient beliefs and legends which have no place in our modern society."

"But mom... I really saw something."

"Sweetie, in this kind of weather our senses can sometimes play tricks on us. Mr. Lee was probably right, it was the flickering candle light creating the illusion. Also, I think you have been reading too many ghost stories. I need to prepare dinner now, so you go back and watch TV or play on the computer, OK!"

"Ookaay," I replied. But of course, I wasn't satisfied. I knew I saw something. What got me a little worried was the proximity of my house to the store. What if... but I quickly switched my thoughts to more pleasant things, like how the sun would shine the next day, and I would hang out with my friends after school. This was something my dad had taught me to do whenever I felt scared or sad.

I walked into my room and turned on my computer. I sneezed again as I was sitting at my desk. I grabbed a tissue and blew my nose. Meanwhile, the rain continued to pour and the sky grew darker. It looked like it was going to be yet another dark and stormy night. But I decided to give the ghost story books a break that night.


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May 13, 2016

Barefoot Girl's Adventure (Traveling Barefoot Part 2)

by Sharleen W.L.

This is part 2 of Traveling Barefoot. If you haven't read part 1 yet, you can find the link at the bottom of this post.

barefoot girl
We landed bright and early (around 8 am) at the Houston Bush airport. I was a little sleepy but very excited about the vacation.

We had plenty of time before boarding our connecting flight to Orlando, and as we were walking in the terminal we saw a nice restaurant and dad decided to go in for breakfast. But he said to me, "We'll see if they'll let you in barefoot. If not, we'll just go to the food court and grab some fast food." I just smiled knowing that they would let me in. Yes, I believe is magic :)

We were seated and served without any problem. As I was eating my nose was running again, and I kept sniffling. Mom finally told me to blow it. I was going to use the cloth napkin but she scolded me saying it was improper (I had done this before but she just never noticed, lol), and told me to go to the bathroom. Some of the wait staff were standing in the hallway as I walked pass them to the bathroom with my bare feet in plain site. They smiled at me and said good morning.

We had quite a long way to walk to our next flight gate but we still had quite a bit of time even after we ate, so we walked leisurely and stopped at a few stores along the way. Mom's feet were hurting and she unexpectedly said to me, "It must be nice to be barefoot, huh?"

I jokingly said to her, "Why don't you take off you're shoes, mom!"

Before she could respond, dad said, "Hahaha, that'll be the day!"

Mom just smirked. She won't go barefoot in public in a million years. Hell, she won't even do it at home!

We finally arrived at our gate. Unsurprisingly, I was again the only one barefoot. Some people looked at my feet but said nothing. They must have thought I was tired of wearing shoes and had taken them off. I have also learned that little kids can get away with alot of things adults can't because people tend to think they don't know any better. Ah, the good old days! lol.

Once again, I boarded the plane without any problem. The flight to Orlando was relatively short (about 3 hours) and uneventful. We got there before we knew it.

At the Orlando airport we had to take the train to the baggage claim area. I felt people were looking at me on the train but I played with my phone and pretended to be oblivious. Again, no one said anything.

As we were waiting for our luggage there was an old lady standing next to me. She looked at me from head to toe and said, "I see your all dressed for summer!"

I smiled shyly and she continued, "Being barefoot is the only way to enjoy summer to the fullest!" She went on to tell me that she grew up in the country and used to go barefoot all summer. Didn't wear shoes from the last day of school in the spring till the first day of school in the fall. She said the main reason was to save money on shoes as her family wasn't rich, but she enjoyed every moment her feet were bare.

After we got our luggage we had to take the bus to the rental car place. There were not many people on the bus. I was curious how dirty my soles were by then, so I took a look and wow, they were fu*king black!

As we got to our resort dad said to me, "Ok Lynn (my nickname), you need to wear you're slippers from now on as this is not Hawaii, and I don't want any confrontation. So wash you're feet if you like and take a short rest, then we'll go out for lunch."

"Ok daddy," I said and went to wash my feet. I couldn't get them completely clean though, and there was some sticky dirt that remained.

I had the time of my life in Disney World. As far as barefooting is concerned there are a couple things worth mentioning.

At one point in Magic Kingdom I got kinda tired of wearing flip flops. My feet were longing to touch the ground! So I decided to break the rule and see how strict they really were about it. I took them off and started walking barefoot which felt really good. Mom was getting nervous and told me to put my slippers back on.

I said, "Don't worry mom, I would put them on if someone told me too, no big deal!"

She just sighed but didn't give me anymore hard time. After all, we were there for my birthday, right? :)

But I didn't get to go barefoot for very long. A staff member saw me and told me to put on my flip flops. She was nice about it though, and said alot of kids like to go barefoot but she needed to enforce the rule. So I complied.

Mom and dad were like, "We told you so!" and I was like, "ok... ok..."

At the Pirates of the Caribbean I took off my slippers as I was seated on the boat. It was dark and there was no staff member around, so I figured it would be ok.  I felt the floor of the boat was kinda wet and thought it must have been from some little splashes along the ride. But as we rode along, more water got into the boat somehow until my feet were totally submerged. The water was quite cold.

The others also realized that they're shoes got wet all of a sudden and had to lift up they're feet. They weren't too happy about it and dad mentioned it to the staff member as we got off. Kevin had it worst as his shoes and socks were totally soaked, so we went into a gift shop and bought him a pair of flip flops to change into. As for me, I was quite happy to get a free foot wash! :)

Btw, Kevin loved his new flip flops as they had Mickey Mouse (his favorite Disney character) on them that he decided to wear them instead of shoes for the remaining time in Florida. Ha!

The travel back home was quite uneventful for the most part with one exception which I'll tell you about in a sec. Once again I packed my slippers in my suitcase. Mom didn't ask about it this time :) I dressed casually again - jeans shorts and a purple tank top.

We checked in our luggage at the Orlando airport and went through security. One nice thing about flying barefoot is that you don't have to take you're shoes off at the security check point. But something unexpected happened that day. Seeing me barefoot, one of the TSA agents told me I didn't need to take my shoes off since I was under 12, and should put them back on.

I was a bit astounded and felt my heart skip a beat. Then I sheepishly told him I wasn't wearing shoes.

Now it was his turn to be shocked. He raised his eyebrows and was like, "Oh really? Wow... ok! hahaha!"

Phew! Now I could laugh. Mom, dad, and Kevin couldn't help laughing as well. Btw, my cold had gotten worse. My ears were really stuffed up and a little painful during take-off and landing, so we had to buy some decongestant at the airport in Houston.

Needless to say, my soles were really filthy again by the time we got home. It was a fantastic experience traveling barefoot although I didn't get to do it full time and came home with a full-blown cold.

From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

Aloha, and let's make it a magical day!

Traveling Barefoot Part 1

Apr 3, 2016

Traveling Barefoot

by Sharleen W.L.

The following took place a few years ago.

It was early summer and we just celebrated my 10th birthday, but mom and dad still had a big surprise for me. They were going to take me to Disney World as a birthday present! Not the whole family was going, though. Tania was off to summer camp, and our oldest brother and sister had other plans. So it was going to be dad, mom, my little brother Kevin, and me.

girl traveling barefoot
Girl traveling barefoot
Needless to say, I was really excited and so was Kevin as he would get to spend an entire week with his favorite sister*.

I had been a barefooter for almost a year, and had previously traveled completely barefoot**. But that was within Hawaii. This time it was a little different as we were going to the mainland (that's what we Hawaiians call the Continental US) which is not quite as barefoot friendly as Hawaii. So I asked dad if I could travel barefoot again this time.

He said I could probably fly barefoot but I should bring footware along since I would need them especially in Disney World which he had heard was quite strict about they're no-bare-feet policy. Well, that wouldn't be too bad - a small price to pay for all the magic I would experience :)

We were going to fly from Honolulu to Orlando via Houston. The first leg of the flight was a red-eye, so I packed the morning before we left. I hate wearing closed shoes, and I only wore them to school. Since I was going on a summer vacation, I didn't need to bring them. Just rubber slippers (what we call flip flops in Hawaii) would do. So I wrapped my slippers in a plastic back and put them in my suitcase.

I took a shower in the evening, so my feet were all clean, but that would not last very long :) I decided to dress really casually. I put on a pair of white shorts and a pink tank top. We ate something light at home before leaving as we were gonna get fed again on the plane. We got to the airport at around 7 pm.

As I got off the car and started pulling my suitcase my oldest brother Steve who drove us to the airport said to me, "Hey, aren't you forgetting something?"

I was like, "What?" thinking he was teasing me about not wearing anything on my feet.

But he said, "Aren't you going to give me a kiss like you did last time?"**

I giggled and kissed him. He said he wouldn't wanna miss a chance to be kissed by a pretty girl. I blushed (yes, again) and everyone laughed.

I didn't see any one else barefoot in the airport. Yeah, not many people fly barefoot even in Hawaii. I used to feel uncomfortable when I was the only one barefoot around, but now I was more confident about it.

As we were sitting at the gate mom asked me where I had put my slippers. I told her in the suitcase. She said I should of put them in my carry-on backpack just in case they wouldn't allow me to board the plane barefoot. Uh oh, I hadn't thought of that, and it was too late now! But I knew they would let me on with no problem for I had visualized everything going smoothly. So I told mom not to worry.

I was right, I had no problem boarding in bare feet. The plane was big and comfortable (a Boeing 777) and we all sat together in the middle row. I was seated between dad and Kevin. Dinner was served soon after take-off.

After eating I felt sleepy, so I lay my head on dad's lap and brought my feet up. Kevin said my feet were gross and told me to be sure they didn't touch him. I giggled and told him not to worry. It was a bit chilly, so dad put a blanket over me.

Despite my initial sleepiness, I didn't sleep well at all. I kept waking up throughout the night realizing I was high up in the sky above the vast Pacific Ocean with the plane engines roaring which made me a little uneasy. But at least I was barefoot, and that comforted me a little. I would of been more antsy had I been wearing shoes or socks.

I finally dozed off for I don't know how long. When I opened my eyes it was starting to get a little bright outside. I realized my (filthy) feet were resting against Kevin's thigh. Oops! But he was sleeping soundly and wasn't aware of it :)

I needed to go to the bathroom but there was quite a long line. Mom told me to go stand in line anyway for otherwise, it would take forever. People glanced at my bare feet, and some of them smiled. I smiled back but felt a little uneasy. I was starting to have a cold too, so I was sniffling. Ahchoo! I sneezed 3 times.

"Bless you!" said some of the kind folks, and all I did was smile shyly. After sneezing my nose was really running, and I didn't have any tissue. So I used my bare hands to wipe it which I then wiped on my shorts. A lady standing behind me got a tissue from her purse and handed it to me.

I thanked her and immediately blew my nose. Honk! Once again, all heads turned towards me and people smiled. Amazing isn't it, how one little girl could attract so much attention, lol. I was embarassed, so I didn't blow any more. Just had to wait till I got to the restroom.

After what felt like an eternity, it was finally my turn. The restroom floor was quite wet. I wasn't sure from what though, and there was no way I could avoid stepping on some of the wet stuff, so I just assumed it was water :) I know some of you must think its really gross, but that's part of living the barefoot lifestyle. A pretty small price to pay, really.

I felt relieved as I got back to my seat since I had emptied everything (my tummy, bladder, and sinuses, lol). Mom had also gone to another bathroom. When she came back she told me how wet and gross the floor was. She asked me how it was with me. I told her it was just a teeny bit wet on the sides, and I didn't step on any of it :) Soon we were getting ready to land in Houston.

To be continued...

Click here for part 2 of Traveling Barefoot and find out what happened in Houston and Orlando.

From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

Aloha, and let's make it a magical day!

* Barefoot Girl Favorite Sibling
** Barefoot Kauai Vacation

Jan 1, 2016

A Barefoot Nightmare - Those With No Shoes Please...

by Sharleen W.L.

I just finish eating lunch in the cafetaria with 2 of my friends, and were heading to our first afternoon class. I'm barefoot as usual. One of my friends is wearing shoes and the other flip flops. It really feels great walking around campus in bare feet.

As we get to the building, both my friends head towards the restroom and tell me they'll see me in class since I don't need to go.

So I climb up the stairs to the 3rd floor where our classroom is. The floors in that building are really grimy but it feels good on my bare soles.

There are already quite a few students in the classroom. This is a discussion class, so there are tables with a few chairs around each. I spot a table with no one sitting at it yet which is perfect as my friends and I can sit together.

There's a nerdy looking guy sitting at the next table busy with his phone. As I sit down he looks at my bare feet but doesn't say anything. He then makes a call and starts talking on the phone.

Suddenly I notice something. There's a piece of paper taped to the back of every chair with huge handwritten words: THOSE WITH NO SHOES PLEASE EXPOSE YOURSELVES!

I'm like, W T F!? How come I've never seen it before? And the language is kinda wierd. I start to feel a little uneasy. So what am I supposed to do? My 2 friends walk in and we talk about different things, and I kinda forget about the strange sign.

Soon the professor comes in. He's an older man with gray hair and beard, wearing thick glasses. "Ok, lets get started!" he says, and everyone was quiet. Then he says again, "Oh, before we start, any of you whose not wearing shoes please leave the class now!"

My heart stops beating! The prof speaks further, "Well, I'm not gonna check everyone's feet, but if I walk around and happen to catch you, you'll be in big trouble. So, its better for you to just leave right now!" No one gets up.

My friends and the nerdy guy are all looking at me without saying a word. Should I leave or just sit there and pretend there's nothing and hope the old goat won't catch me? I opt for the former for I don't think I can stand being stressed out for a whole hour. So I put everything in my backpack, get up, and walk towards the door. I can feel all eyes are on me.

Right before I get to the door the prof hollers, "Whoa, where are you going young lady? Come here for a second!" My heart stops beating for the second time. I'm leaving as he told me to, so what does he want now? But my feet also stop, and I turn and walk hesitantly towards him.

"Why are you not wearing shoes?" he asks me sternly as I stand in front of him.

"Uhm... because... I hate wearing shoes!" I reply with a shaky voice. That's the same line I've used over and over since I was little whenever someone questions me about my lack of footwear. I usually say it with a smile and try to look cute, but this time I just can't smile as I'm really nervous.

"Well, I hate seeing people walk around barefoot in public places, especially on campus which is very improper. That's why I don't allow them in my class!" says the prof with a loud voice.

"Look at how filthy your feet are! Don't you think that's disgusting!? You should be ashamed of yourself. As a college student your supposed to be a good role model!" he continues his diatribe.

All I can do is look down at my feet which are filthy. Even the top and sides of my toes are dirty. Yep, that's what usually happens after I walk around campus barefoot all day. But I remain silent as he chastises me in front of the whole class.

"So are you gonna wear shoes next time?" he finally asks me with a slightly toned-down voice.

"Yes, sir," I reply sheepishly while thinking to myself, "Like hell I am!"

"Ok, I'll let you stay this time. But just this time. Now go back and sit down!"

So I walk back to my seat while once again, all eyes are on me and my dirty bare feet. Many of the students are giggling. Major embarassment!

Then I suddenly realize that it's all a dream. A nightmare! I open my eyes and find myself laying in my bed. Phew! I guess that's what happens when you party too much. :) I was out partying last night (new years eve) and got a little drunk. I didn't come home until 4 am this morning, and didn't get to sleep until around 4.30.

I look at the clock, and it's 10:11 am. I'm still kinda sleepy but I don't think I can go back to sleep after that nightmare, so I might as well get up and write about it and share it with you. Happy new year everyone! :)

I didn't make it all up, though (unlike Tania's Halloween story about me and the witch - which I really like, btw). I really had this wierd dream which I hope will never ever come true!

Thanks for reading. From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

Aloha, and let's make this new year magical!

Oct 25, 2015

The Bunny, The Witch, and The Barefoot Angel

One day my little sister Sharleen went on a field trip to a forest reserve here on the island. It was really beautiful, and the weather was perfect. It was a little cool and sort of misty up in the mountains.

Sharleen really loves nature, so while her friends were taking a break and playing games, she decided to take a walk along the creek and see what interesting things she could find. She felt her feet were getting hot and sweaty, so she sat down, untied her shoes, and took 'em off. Since she wasn't wearing socks, she was immediately barefoot. Aahh...it felt fantastic!

That was actually against the rule since she was at a school function and wearing her uniform, but she didn't give a f*ck. Her feet had to be free in such a wonderful place! She figured if she got caught, she would just apologize. No big thing.

She didn't want to carry her shoes around either, so she just left them on the ground. She would put them back on when she returned. Or so she thought. :) The funny thing is, wearing a tie didn't bother her at all. So she kept her tie on as she walked barefoot towards the woods.

Suddenly she saw a little white bunny hopping around in the grass, and she tried to approach it. She knelt down and tried to befriend it, but the bunny ran away instead. She went after it without realizing that she was going deeper into the forest. She ran along a dirt path that was kinda wet, and her bare feet got a little muddy.

barefoot girl on a dirt path
Suddenly she started sneezing. Something there must have caused it, probably the wild flowers. She continued to sneeze and her nose began to run. Uh oh, she had no tissue! What to do now? Well, the only choice there was: snot rocket! She wiped her hands on the grass afterwards. Kinda gross, right? But what else would you do?

Because she got distracted she lost sight of the bunny. Only then did she realized how far she had gone into the forest. There was no more dirt path, so she could not track her way back. She walked around but she had lost direction.

She started to panic, and yelled out her friends' and teachers' names but of course, no one could hear her. She had no cell phone or anything else as she left her backpack with her friends.

Meanwhile, it was starting to get dark as the sun was setting. She continued to walk hoping to see an opening, a path, or anything that would bring her back to safety. But it seemed the more she walk, the deeper she got into the woods.

Sharleen was not a cry-baby, but at the time she was in despair. She was really scared. So she sat down and sobbed. Tears ran down her cheeks, and her nose started to run again.

She suddenly remembered what she had always learned. Attitude is everything! She needed to be positive. It's hard in a situation like that, but that's all the more reason to be positive. Her life depended on it. So she wiped her tears with her hands and blew her nose, then took a deep breath and told herself everything would be OK. What good things could she focus on?

She looked down at her feet and giggled. There she was in full uniform including a tie, and her feet bare and muddy. It was all because of that frickin' bunny! But hey, at least she got to enjoy walking in the woods barefoot which was heavenly! So she decided to walk some more. It was almost completely dark now.

She closed her eyes and imagined seeing a house where she could get help. Fat chance, right? Who on earth would be living in the middle of the forest? Well, sometimes imagination is what it takes. As she continued walking, she saw a small wooden hut with thatch roof in the distance, and there was a dim light flickering in the window. At first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. But no, it was real!

Sharleen was overjoyed as she ran towards it. Without hesitation she knocked on the door. After a few seconds it opened slowly with a creak, and there stood an old woman with grey hair wearing a long dress. "Well, hello there! What brings you here beautiful child?" she said.

Sharleen was taken aback. "Oh...uh...I'm kinda lost, mam!" she said. "You see, I was on a field trip and decided to explore the surroundings on my own, and now I can't find my way back. It's already dark, and I'm afraid everyone has left."

"Well, come on in, my child!" said the old lady making way for Sharleen to walk in.

The hut was small and dark. It had a dirt floor and no electricity. The woman used an oil lantern and candles to light the place. She told Sharleen to sit at the table and said, "You came right on time. I'm about to have dinner and I can share some food with you. You must be hungry."

Indeed she was starving, and was happy to be invited to dinner. The food was all vegetables and fruits but it tasted pretty good. After they finished eating the old lady, who was barefoot herself, asked Sharleen why she wasn't wearing any shoes. So she told her that she hated wearing shoes and loved nature, so she decided to take them off and walk barefoot into the woods. But she went too far and lost her way. All because of a cute little bunny.

"Well, we have lots in common. I'm barefoot all the time too. That way I'm one with Mother Earth" said the old woman. "And there are no coincidences. I believe you were brought here by the goddesses, and our encounter will benefit both of us," she continued.

She went on to tell Sharleen that she was a witch. She lived off the land, and didn't believe in modern technology which she said only corrupts the earth and all living things, including humans. She told Sharleen not to worry. She would spend the night in her shack, and early the next morning she would show her how to get back home.

Sharleen was in awe. She met a real life Hawaiian witch. Way cool! She was to sleep on the couch. Yes, in her uniform! As she lay on the couch, which was kinda hard and uncomfortable, her thoughts wandered. She knew that most witches are good people, but what if... she was one of the wicked ones like often told in fairy tales? But she was too tired to entertain that thought any further, and soon fell asleep.

The witch woke her up as the sun was rising. She gave her fruits for breakfast and right after they ate, she took Sharleen out and walked with her along a dirt path. It was quite a long walk down the hill, and both of them were barefoot. Soon Sharleen was able to see the highway - the main highway that goes around the island. She was greatly relieved.

The witch said to her, "You see my child, there's a bus stop right at the end of the path. Just take the bus that will bring you home." She gave her some money for the bus fare since Sharleen didn't carry any money, and her bus pass was in her backpack.

She also gave her a little pouch and said, "I want you to keep this. Open it when you get home. Let it be the guide in your life! And this won't be the last time we see each other." She then chuckled as she stroked the girl's hair.

Sharleen didn't quite understand what she meant but she took the money and the pouch, and thanked the witch for all her kindness. They hugged as they got to the end of the path, and Sharleen sat at the bus stop, and witch walked back up.

It was rush hour, and there were a lot of people at the bus stop which made Sharleen uncomfortable. Unlike me, who often went barefoot while in uniform, she had never done it. She always said it was awkward, and embarrassing (I think because mom often told her it was inappropriate). And now there she was doing it as she had no choice.

The bus came, and it was full. There were no more seats available, and she had to stand which made her even more uneasy as she felt all eyes were on her - a girl in a school uniform with bare and muddy feet!

Then a young man stood up and gave his seat to Sharleen. "Thank you," she said as their eyes met and they both smiled. The young man winked at her. She felt a little better. Seated next to her was an old woman who was wearing a hat, so her face wasn't clearly visible.

The woman asked her, "Are you going to school?"

"Huh?! Oh...uh...no, I'm actually going home!" replied Sharleen and she giggled nervously. "Oh sh!t, please leave me alone," she thought to herself.

But the lady said again, "Going home so early in the morning? Shouldn't you be in school?"

Sharleen was like, "Oh, well uh...you see it's a long story...I was on a field trip yesterday and kinda got lost, and spent the night with an old lady in the forest."

"Aha!" said the woman. "But why aren't you wearing shoes? Do they let you go barefoot to school?"

Sharleen was getting fidgety. "Uh...no, they don't," she answered trying hard to maintain her composure. "But uh... I hate wearing shoes," she giggled again and wiggled in her seat. "And so uh... I took 'em off and left them somewhere on the ground before I got lost."

"Oh, I see!" said the old lady, and she chuckled.

Sharleen thought her chuckle sounded kinda familiar, but she was only too happy when the woman finally kept quiet, and she didn't think further of it.

So it came time for Sharleen to get off the bus. As she was standing up the woman said to her, "You have a blessed day, my child!"

"Thank you, and you too, mam!" replied Sharleen. As she was walking away, she heard the woman say, "Remember, let that be the guide in your life!" and she heard that familiar chuckle again.

Sharleen was startled and was like, "Wha...Whaat?! Wait...!" She turned her head around, but there were a lot of people standing behind her, and she could not see the lady. So she proceeded to get off the bus.

As she was standing outside she looked through the window trying to see the face of the woman. But she was nowhere to be seen. The seat she was sitting in was empty! She then looked among all the people who had gotten off trying to find the woman but of course, she couldn't!

As she got home Sharleen opened the pouch. Inside was a small bottle with dried herbs in it. There was an old, discolored label on it with a handwritten word, LOVE.

Now she understood what the old witch meant by "let it be the guide in your life." She was referring to LOVE which should always guide our life!

Needless to say, Sharleen got in big trouble with mom and dad, and the school but I'll spare you the gory details! :)


So, did you like the story? Well, I have a confession to make. It's fictional! Most of it anyway, as there are a few facts weaved in. Sorry, I didn't mean to deceive you or anything, I just wanted to post an entertaining barefoot story with a little spooky touch in time for Halloween. And I know many of you like Sharleen, so I made her the star. :) But the story could have easily been real, especially in a mystical place like Hawaii.

So happy Halloween, and like the barefoot angel always says at the end of her articles, have a magical day!

Oct 17, 2015

I Have A Dream (The Barefoot Edition)

If you have gone barefoot in stores or other establishments on a regular basis (especially in the United States which is known as the land of the free), most likely you have experienced some form of discrimination ranging from the mildest (like getting dirty looks) to the harshest (like being yelled at, kicked out, or in very rare cases, even arrested).

Ideally, barefooters should never be discriminated against as we don't break any law or hurt anyone by going barefoot. It's totally a personal choice, and we should be allowed the freedom to live the lifestyle that we love.

This wish is wonderfully expressed in the following short article.

I Have A Dream (The Barefoot Edition)

by Steve Barefoot

-I have a dream that one day, all across this nation, people will be able to go barefoot in public places without fear of ridicule and judgment.

-I have a dream that one day, people who wear shoes will not look at people who don't wear shoes as disgusting or mentally challenged.

-I have a dream that one day, businesses like restaurants and stores will no longer see barefooters as potential liabilities, but ordinary, normal customers.

-I have a dream that one day, misguided employees and managers will no longer say, "Excuse me, sir/ma'am....you need shoes to be in here..." but instead say, "May I help you?" and "Have a nice day!"

-I have a dream that one day, we barefooters will no longer have to come up with creative ways to deflect the "shoe-police", but we can walk in any place, in any social setting in the feet that God gave to us.

-I have a dream that one day, people from the least to the greatest will realize that setting their feet free from shoes is an asset to their emotional health.

-I have a dream that as the barefoot revolution marches on, people will be more careful about how they treat their surroundings and no longer abuse the earthly home that they live in.

-I have a dream that as more people go barefoot, they will, with real humility, realize that we are all the same, that there are no big 'I's and little 'you's and no person is intrinsically better than the other.

-I have a dream that going barefoot is no longer just acceptable in New Zealand, but everywhere, all around the world (including the United States).

And when going barefoot becomes socially acceptable, from sea to shining sea, our feet, finally liberated, will sing "Free at last! Free last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! We are free at last!"

Barefoot and free. Let's celebrate!


The above piece was originally posted in the Society for Barefoot Living Facebook Group (a group for people who enjoy living the barefoot lifestyle). Steve is one of the millions of people on this planet who enjoy going barefoot. You can follow him on Twitter where he tweets about living barefoot.

Everything starts with a dream, and if everyone who loves going barefoot would do something to spread the awareness (what you do is up to you, it can be as simple as sharing a pro-barefoot article or site), this dream would be a reality soon!

Happy barefooting!

Sep 16, 2015

Bloody Bare Footprints

Don't worry guys, it's fake blood, OK! Lol. I saw this bath mat online the other day as it's a hit this time of the year with Halloween approaching, and I thought it was pretty cool. I don't really like bloody stuff so yeah, this would freak me out if I didn't know it was fake. But I'm all about scaring people during Halloween! Especially this item kinda goes along with our love of going barefoot, don't you think? :)

bloody footprint bath mat
Bath mat with bloody bare footprints.
Get it now!
Imagine someone going into your bathroom and seeing this mat. They would scream thinking they were your (or someone's) bloody bare footprints! They would probably think somebody just got killed, haha!

I seriously thought about getting one myself but the thing is, I'm still living with my parents, and I have my own bathroom in my bedroom. Virtually no one that visits our house ever uses my bathroom, so I would be the only person who sees it and that's no fun, of course. Putting it in the common bathroom by the living room is out of the question as mom would eat me alive, haha!

But if you live by yourself or with others and love to entertain during Halloween, this might be a good idea for a prank. :) But use common sense, though. You definitely don't wanna play tricks on people that are vulnerable like little kids, older folks, or those with heart problems, etc. Let them use a different bathroom, or simply warn them before they go in.

If you wanna get this cool bloody bare footprint bath mat, just click on the picture or link above. Have fun!

Sep 2, 2015

Scared Silly - a Barefoot Halloween Story

by Sharleen W.L.

It was Friday evening about a week before Halloween back when I was in elementary school. As soon as I got home from school I took off my shoes and changed clothes as Kevin and I decided to walk around the neighborhood and look at some of the interesting Halloween decorations. I was, of course, barefoot while Kevin was wearing his favorite Crocs.

We stopped at a house and admired the fancy decorations. An old lady walked out the driveway and said to us, "Hey, you kids wanna come in and take a closer look at these little ghosts and goblins?"

I was like, "Sure!" and we walked into her front yard.

"Be careful though, there are some slippery spots as I just watered the lawn. Especially you don't have any shoes on!" she said pointing at me. I was like, "Ok!"

I really enjoyed stepping on the wet ground with my bare soles. Nice and cool. Something that Kevin missed out on. The nice lady showed us some of the animated spooky figures and we were oohing and aahing. She said they would look even more impressive after dark with the lights on.

As we were saying goodbye she said to us, "Hey, be sure you both come back here on Halloween night as I'll have lotsa goodies for ya!"

"Thank you, mam!" I said and we headed back home since it was almost dinner time. My soles got pretty dirty because I walked on the wet surface which caused all the dirt to stick. But it was Friday and Kevin and I were going to sleep outside in the tent (in our backyard)*, so I didn't bother washing my feet when we got home.

Kevin and I loved reading Halloween books but so far we had only been reading kid's books. In fact, we had a favorite that we loved to read over and over. It's called We're Off to Find the Witch's House.

Click here for more info
One day I thought, why don't we read a ghost story book for grown-ups for a change. I was really curious what the stories were like. Would I get scared? So I asked my big sister Debbie if she had any ghost story books. She had a few, and to start with she gave me this one:

Click here for more info
Its a compilation of Hawaiian folklore and ghost stories. She said she would give us more if we didn't get too scared :) Woohoo! I couldn't wait to read it, and this was the night Kevin and I decided to read it. In the tent! So after we finished eating we went straight to the tent. It was going to be an exciting night.

After reading a few of the stories we kinda freaked out, especially because those things happened in Hawaii. Right where we live! They sent chills down our spines.

"Lynn, I don't think I wanna read anymore," said Kevin.

"Me neither," I replied closing the book. "Lets go to sleep. Its getting late," I said looking at my watch which showed it was almost midnight.

But of course, we weren't able to sleep. The spooky stories we just read were still vivid on our minds. There was a strong trade wind blowing that night, howling through the trees outside our tent. We heard dogs barking in the distance. Suddenly we heard something else. It was different than any of the other sounds we had heard. It was like footsteps. Like someone or something was walking on the grass.

"Did you hear that?" asked Kevin with a worried look on his face. I was like, "Uh-huh."

"What is it?" he asked again.

"I don't know. Lets just go to sleep," I said trying to act calm (had to maintain my image as a big sister, lol) although I was probably as terrified as he was :) I hugged Kevin from behind and we closed our eyes. We felt more secure. But then we heard that sound again. This time it was getting closer to our tent. Our hearts were pounding.

"Lynn, I'm really scared!" said Kevin.

"Yeah, me too!" I replied. This time I just couldn't hide it anymore. "You wanna go inside? We can sleep in your room," I said to him.

"Yeah, lets do that!" he said with excitement.

I said, "Ok, we're gonna run as fast as we can to the house, but you can't wear your shoes, though!"

"Why?!" he protested.

"Because...whatever that thing is out there...it might come after us, and wearing shoes is just gonna slow you down. You might even fall!" I explained.

He let out a big sigh but relented and said, "ok..."

So we held hands and ran (barefoot) towards the back door which thankfully remained unlocked (you see, our backyard is actually very secure as there are alarmed tall fences and walls around it. We also live in a very safe neighborhood. So dad said the back door would remain unlocked when we were sleeping in the tent in case we should decide to go in in the middle of the night, it would make it a lot simpler for us). I locked the door as soon as we got inside. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

I actually felt like going into our parents' room and sleeping in there, but decided against it as I would feel embarrassed and besides, we might get scolded. So we went to Kevin's room as planned (it was right across from our parents' which was quite comforting). Again, we locked the door as we got in. Kevin already had a queen bed*, so we both could sleep comfortably in there.

Suddenly Kevin remembered something. He had to wash his feet! His room was originally a den, so it had no bathroom. So he would have to use the bathroom by the living room. I said to him, "Forget it, Kev! I'm not going back out, and you don't wanna go by yourself, do you? Besides, I don't think your feet got that dirty just running on the grass. Here, lets have a look."

So he sat down and showed his soles. Like I had thought, they were pretty clean. So he was convinced that he didn't need to wash them. I then showed him how dirty mine were and he was like, "Eeww!" We both giggled and jumped in bed.

As we turned out the lights he said, "Lynn, can you hug me again?"

"Why?" I asked. "Are you still scared?"

"No...," he answered. "But it felt good and I'll be able to sleep better!"

I giggled and hugged him from behind, and we both fell asleep.

I was awakened by a knock on the door. I opened my eyes and looked at my watch. OMG, it was almost 10 am! We had overslept. It was mom looking for us. She was wondering why we didn't show up for breakfast, so she went out and looked for us in the tent. She got a little worried when she didn't find us there. She asked us what happened and we told her everything. She didn't seem too concerned. She just told us to wash up and eat our breakfast. Luckily she didn't see my dirty feet, or she would of scolded me.

Later we told everyone else what happened that night. No one really laughed at us, but like mom, they didn't think much of it. They probably thought we were silly little kids who got scared reading an adult ghost book. But to us it was quite a frightening experience. I returned the Obake book to Debbie and told her we didn't care to read any of her other ones, and she laughed.

We were still too scared to sleep out in the tent again. Well, rainy season was upon us anyway, so dad took down the tent and didn't put it back up until the following spring.

So, what was it that we heard that night outside the tent? Was our imagination playing tricks on us? But both of us heard the same thing, so that's rather unlikely. Was it an animal? Was it...a ghost? Who knows! After all, Hawaii is a very mystical place.

barefoot witch costume
Barefoot witch
Click here to see more witch costumes
Oh btw, Kevin and I went back to the nice old lady's house on Halloween night to trick o'treat. Kevin dressed as Superboy and I as my favorite character, a witch. Yes, I was barefoot. In fact, that's how she recognized me: "your the barefoot girl that came visit the other day." It was an awesome night.

Side note: I still love wearing a witch costume even today. It just fits my personality, and its one of the Halloween costumes that look good with bare feet.

From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

Aloha, and let's make it a magical day!

*Reference: Barefoot Girl Favorite Sibling