The Birth of a Barefoot Angel

barefoot little girl

Some of you who have read my little sister's article titled "Barefoot Girl Favorite Sibling" (link at bottom of post) may be wondering why our youngest brother Kevin found her so attractive.

Well, Sharleen (a.k.a. Lynn) didn't tell the whole story as the article is already quite long as it is. We didn't want to turn it into a novel :) So now let me try to fill you in so that it makes more sense.

One day Lynn and I were flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine when her eye caught the picture of a very pretty model and she was like, "Wow, she's so beautiful. I wish I could look like her!"

I looked at her face and said, "Hmmm... maybe you could!"

She was like, "Really? You think so? How?!"

"By changing your hairstyle," I replied. "Let's show it to Debbie and ask her what she thinks!"

Our big sister Debbie agreed with me but she said Lynn would have to wait till her hair grew longer, at least shoulder length (at the time it was about neck length). Debbie then took one of Lynn's headshots and drew new hair over it to make her look like the model. The hair was over her shoulders and slightly wavy, and there were sideswept bangs partially covering her right eye. When Lynn saw it she got really excited. She couldn't wait till her hair grew longer.

It felt like ages to her. Every week she would ask if her hair was long enough. Debbie and I would laugh and tell her to be patient. We also wanted it to be a surprise so we didn't tell anyone about our plan to give Lynn a hair makeover. When people asked why she had not cut her hair, she just said she liked it better longer.

Finally, the long-awaited day came. Debbie took her to her hairdresser to get her hair done just the way she drew it over her photo. The result was nothing short of magical! Lynn looked totally different. She was quite cute to begin with, but now she was gorgeous. She looked... angelic. She was even prettier than me, hahaha!

When she came home everyone was stunned to see her new look. Dad was like, "Whoa! Who is this girl? Debbie, did you trade your little sister?" Debbie laughed her ass off and Lynn giggled in amusement.

Lynn was absolutely thrilled. She felt like a brand new person, like Supergirl, she said. Her confidence soared, and her personality changed too. She used to be a little shy at times. Well, no more! She became very outgoing, more playful, and even mischievous. She also started to go out barefoot more often and eventually, all the time.

A funny story - one day she went to karate class for the first time since her transformation. She decided to go into the office to chat with the people there before class.

When she stepped in the secretary was like, "Hi, may I help you...? <Gasp!> Oh my God, Sharleen! Is that you? I didn't recognize you. You look so pretty! What did you do? And you're barefoot too, wow!"

Lynn giggled and told everyone about her hair makeover, and that she actually loved going barefoot. But yeah, she had never gone into the office barefoot. In class the instructor jokingly introduced her as a new student and asked for her name. Everyone laughed and she got a little embarrassed.

She also became a hit at school. She charmed a lot of people (probably even her teacher, lol - read "Going Barefoot at School"). Well, our little brother Kevin got enchanted too. That was an unintended consequence :) We were all fully aware of it, so one day dad had a little talk with both of them, basically reminding them that they were siblings. Although they could be good friends with each other (which is good), they were not exactly "friends."

At one point Debbie questioned whether it was appropriate for them to be sleeping in the tent together. But our parents fully trusted them and believed nothing "funny" would ever take place.

So yeah, that's the story behind it. You can read the referenced articles linked below.

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  1. I really like your blog Tania and Sharleen. I actually don't like to be barefoot and plus I live in Bulgaria, and here is incompetent to be barefoot in public places except in the parks. Well, nobody is going to say a word to you just a few bad looks. Enough of talking for me. I like you , because you are so wild and free and kind hearted, especially you Sharleen. I think you are a really good person. I would like to visit you one day. Naughty angel.

    This is Aleksader Krustev from Republic of Bulgaria reminding you that life is science. So...
    Здравейте от България и приятен ден.
    That means ''Hello from Bulgaria and have a nice day.

    1. Sharleen the barefoot angel4:42 PM

      Thank you Aleksandar for your nice comment. Have a magical day! :)