Self Cleaning Feet

Hi, this is Tania (not Sharleen). Yeah, she's been writing the last several posts here and you probably thought that little brat had taken over, huh? Just kidding! I love my little sis. But yeah, I've been kind of MIA (missing in action) because of school and everything else that keep me busy. But I'm still happily barefoot all the time, and my feet are really dirty. :)

Yeah, in fact that's what I'm writing about today. As I have previously said, I like to keep my feet dirty as a reminder and to show others that I'm an avid barefooter. Up until high school I had to wear shoes to school, so I couldn't keep my feet dirty all the time. Now that I'm in college I no longer have to wear shoes.

If you read my previous posts you probably remember that I was in yoga class twice a week, and we were required to have clean feet in class, so I would wear flip flops on those days. Well, I'm no longer in that class. It's a long story, but I basically got kicked out! So now I just do my own yoga at home in the backyard where nobody cares if my feet are filthy!

I still do karate, but I can come to class in dirty feet and they don't give a f*ck. In fact, my soles usually get even dirtier after class. So now I can say I'm a 100% barefooter and I never wash my feet. You may be thinking, don't I take a shower every day? Nope! Since I don't sweat that much, I don't shower very often. But shhh, let's keep that to ourselves, OK! My mom would die if she knew, and she would definitely kill me. Hahaha!

But you know what? Your feet tend to clean themselves even if you hardly ever wash them. One of the readers said this: "I am always barefoot, including at work. I rarely wash my feet, they feel and look better. Most of the time they are self cleaning. I travel all over the world and often have people say that they envy my resolve to never wear shoes. Some friends and family complain but I enjoy the freedom and the statement that my feet are my shoes."

dirty feet
Dirty soles
They're absolutely right as I have experienced it myself. But how do you get your feet clean without washing them? By walking on different surfaces. Let me start with the obvious. If you walk on a wet and clean surface like grass, for example, your soles will get pretty clean.

Another way to get your soles clean naturally is by walking on hard and rough surfaces like most city sidewalks. If your soles are black (like after walking around in the grocery store which is my favorite) try walking on a sidewalk for just a few minutes, and you will see them turn grayish. Whether you like that or not is a different story, however.

Now if you combine the above 2 methods, like walking on a sidewalk on a rainy day or right after it rains, the effect will be about the same as scrubbing your soles. In other words, they get super clean! Again, some of you may like it and some may not.

"My feet are my shoes" is another interesting part of the above comment, as I once read in a book about Hawaii that one of the characteristics of a "kama'aina" (translated "child of the land" or local) is that you consider bare feet your favorite form of footwear. Pretty cool, huh?

OK, that's it from me today. Sharleen will be back with the next post. It will be another very interesting one. So, stay tuned!

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  1. Walking barefoot in the city for me get my feet very dirty

  2. I like very much to go in the city barefoot. Its pretty funny. Sleep with dirty feet is also very good, and on the next day wake up and make dirtier again!
    Do you watch your soles sometimes, if it dirty is?

    1. Yes, I agree. Sleeping in dirty feet is fun. In the beginning it was such a thrill for me to sleep in dirty feet. There's nothing like waking up in the morning and your feet are already dirty, and you get them even dirtier throughout the day.