Barefoot in the Library

by Tania WL

I'm a college student, and I go barefoot to school on most days. The only days I wear flip flops are when I have yoga class (which is on Tuesdays and Fridays) as we have to have clean feet. Yeah, my feet get pretty dirty by the end of the day from walking around campus.

barefoot studentI love our college library as it's a great place to study and to rest. They have benches with soft cushions where you can lie down and relax or even sleep. I often take a power nap in between classes in the afternoon which is great cos when I wake up I feel really refreshed, especially when I've been burning the midnight oil.

One day I was doing just that. I was lying down on one of the benches taking a nap with my dirty bare feet hanging over the edge for everyone who passed by to see. Some would be turned on, some would be disgusted, so what! lol.

I woke up after about 20 minutes and sat up. There was a guy sitting at the table across the aisle looking at me. He quickly looked away as I looked at him. I bet he had been eyeing my bare feet the entire time I was sleeping. I just know his type, lol.

I put my legs up and sat cross-legged so one of my dirty soles was partially visible. As I was straightening my hair I noticed that the dude was looking my direction again. So I glanced at him and smiled. He was caught a little off-guard. He smiled back but quickly looked down at his book on the table.

I had about 20 minutes before I had to walk over to my next class, so I sipped my cold orange juice (ahh...that felt so good!) and started reading my lecture notes. Then I received a text message from my boyfriend. I giggled as I read it. Sorry, I can't share with you what it said though, cos it was...uh...X rated hahaha! <blush>

At that moment the guy across was looking my way yet again. And like the previous times, he quickly looked down as our eyes met. That actually made me giggle even more. I don't know if he realized that, though.

Now it was time to leave the comfortable library and head over to my next class, so I finished my OJ, put all my stuff in my backpack and got up. I looked at my admirer as I walked pass him. He looked up briefly, and I smiled and said, "bye!" I bet he didn't expect that at all, but I heard him say "bye" faintly in reply. I just had the feeling that he was staring at my dirty bare feet as I was walking out of the library, but I didn't look back to confirm it.

So, that was my brief post about one of the interesting things I experienced while being barefoot at school. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Image credit: Hilda Barefoot Art Edit ver. 1 by AzraelFinalstar at deviantART under Creative Commons license.


  1. Sharleen11:55 AM

    Had a similar experience in Starbucks. There was this hot dude who couldn't keep his eyes off me. Unlike your guy, he wasn't shy. He didn't look away when I looked back at him. In fact, he smiled at me first. But too bad, he is much older than me. I would guess he is around 30 which is way too old for me to go out with. But he's really hot nonetheless.

    So before I left I wrote something on a small piece of paper and handed it to him as I walked by his table. He looked a little surprised and I just smiled. I looked at him through the glass window as I was walking outside, and he was laughing his ass off and shaking his head. I giggled and gave him the shaka sign.

    This is what I wrote: "sorry, no phone number, but you're f'ing hot!" And yes, I wrote the F word in full which I didn't here as it's against the rule. Have a magical day, and hang loose! :)

    1. Hahaha,that's my naughty little sister. She has grown up a little since this story and she's hotter than ever. She's definitely a heart breaker ;) He's probably gonna keep that piece of paper for a long time.

      In case you were wondering about the name, I've been using her nickname "Lynn" all this time when writing about her, but she posted using her real name. So now you know her real name ;)

      The shaka sign is a Hawaiian sign which means "hang loose." Oh, in case you were wondering, she was indeed barefoot at the time, but the guy didn't seem to show any particular interest in her feet.


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