barefoot in belgium

the following comment is from someone in belgium...

"in belgium we can not go barefoot very well because the weather is not so good but when it is warm i sometimes walk barefoot. but here its rare to see other people barefoot. also the roads are very hard for walking barefoot. i walk more often in sandals. i don't think there is a group of barefooters in belgium."

hmmm... interesting. probably it's pretty cold in belgium that it's not comfortable to walk barefoot outside? i know, i myself don't like the cold, barefoot or not. that's why i live where it's pretty much warm all year so that i can go barefoot most of the time.

you should know your limits if you venture outside in the cold barefoot. if you're not careful you could get a frost bite and that's no fun! i've heard and seen pictures of people barefoot in the snow but i have not tried it myself. would love too some time just for the experience.

have any of you gone barefoot in the snow? would love to hear your stories. just post a comment.

i'm not sure why the roads in belgium are hard to walk barefoot on. if there is anyone from belgium perhaps you could tell us more about it. if you're a barefooter maybe you can start a barefoot group in belgium. that would be cool! :)


  1. I do walk in the snow barefooted for the short periods of time. It is fun and healthy. It helps the blood circulation in your legs, never will one have cold feet again, and it boosts your natural immunity. The only thing is to take it slowly and to be reasonable. First walk I recommend to be not longer than 5 minutes. Get your feet wormed up straight after.