bare feet and nature

here's another quote by someone who encourages going barefoot:

"and forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the Winds long to play with your hair" ~Kahlil Gilbran

aaahhh... how refreshing! that certainly resonates with me. being barefoot is just so natural. none of us was born with shoes on, right? i love nature and there is nothing compared to being barefoot (or even completely nude) outdoors in the country or the woods surrounded by trees and animals where i can breathe the crisp, cool, and clean air; listen to the birds sing and watch squirells and other small animals jump around in joy.

i certainly can't see why anyone would want to wear anything on their body (especially shoes, yuck!) in such an environment. ok, i know in most places you can't just go naked without getting in trouble but at least you can bare your feet and feel the earth which will also delight in it. let nature caress you and you will be invigorated.

ever gone for a barefoot hike? that's certainly a good way to start.