barefoot on the big island

the big island of hawaii is a fun place to go barefoot. i've seen more barefooters there than on any of the other islands. on the windward side, hilo is the main city and it's very barefoot friendly especially in the local areas. many people go into stores and other establishments in bare feet.

on the leeward side, kailua-kona is the main town and it's kinda touristy, so you may not see as many barefooters there but i have seen a few.

and there's a town called waimea up on the hills more inland which is also very barefoot friendly. it's a small town with many quaint little stores and restaurants, a nice place to stroll in bare feet. while i was there i saw many barefoot kids in the stores as well as s few adults. in one of the chinese restaurants there was a guy dining in his bare feet. cool! :)