driving barefoot

there is only one way to drive: barefoot! :) you can feel the pedals 100% and therefore have better control. not to mention the feeling of freedom. i started driving barefoot even long before i became a regular barefooter. actually that's the best way to start if you're kinda shy (like me) about being barefoot 'cos after all, who can see you if you're barefoot in the car? unless of course, if you have company in the car.

contrary to what some people say, driving barefoot is not illegal. even if it were, how could they enforce it? it's just a myth or urban legend propagated by those that are against barefooting! so, don't buy into it. you can click here for reference in case you're skeptical.

hey, do you like antique sports cars? i often dream of driving an antique sports car barefoot and shirtless with the top down on a gorgeous spring day! :)