how i became a barefooter - part 4

after that first barefoot experience in the grocery store it became somewhat easier to go barefoot again in an establishment, but not a whole lot easier, though. i still got very nervous when getting out of the car walking into the store. often times i would actually wait in the car till i saw at least another barefoot person entering the store, then i would quickly come down and go in. it somehow gave me moral support if there was another person barefoot besides myself although i didn't know the person.

this went on for a while before i actually felt absolutely comfortable walking into any place on my own in bare feet. but once it happened, i felt complete freedom. actually it's a very liberating feeling to be able to go just about anywhere without wearing anything on my feet.

so, where have i gone barefoot? well, grocery stores are my favorite 'cos i can spend as much time in there as i want and get my feet really dirty :) the shopping mall is also a great place. i can practically hang out there the whole day and visit many different stores in bare feet. the only thing is my feet don't usually get that dirty since they keep their floors relatively clean.

i have also gone barefoot to the post office, the bank, and fast food restaurants with many interesting experiences which i will share with yu on a regular basis.


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