how i became a barefooter - part 3

it took a while though, before i gathered enough courage to try to go barefoot into stores and stuff. the thought of it made me excited but cringe at the same time. what if they kicked me out? wht if i met someone i knew who opposed going barefoot in public? what if, what if... but finally the excitement was stronger than the fear. so, one day i just decided that was it, i was going to go into a grocery store barefoot and nothing was gonna stop me.

i tell you, i was a nervous wreck though! i almost chickened out but i pressed forward... i stepped out of my car (and i didn't bring any footwear along) and walked barefoot across the parking lot into the store. there were a few people around but i pretended no one was watching me. inside the store i just walked around and grabbed a couple of items and put them in my shopping basket. all the while my heart was beating so hard and fast from both excitement and fear combined! on one hand i wanted to get out of there in a hurry to get it over with and claim victory, but on the other hand i was also enjoying the first experience of being barefoot in a public establishment; something that had only occurred in my wildest dream! no, i don't want it to end... not just yet! this is too precious of an experience!

so, i continued walking around for a little while and in the mean time my soles were starting to get pretty black since the floor of the grocery store was pretty grimy :) finally i felt i had enough excitement for the day and decided to proceed to the check out line and pay for my grocery. all of a sudden that fear started to creep in again... what if the cashier would see my bare feet and told me i had to leave? worse yet, what if they yelled at me in front of everyone? but what if none of those would happen? well, i'd just have to wait and see now, wouldn't i?

so, i stood there in line calmly (outwardly, at least) waiting for my turn which seemed like forever. when it finally came, i calmly put my stuff on the conveyor and the cashier, who was friendly, asked me if i had any coupons. i said no, and paid for my stuff, and walked out the door toward my car.

whew!! i did it, and the sky didn't fall!! he he he!! now i can really claim victory. so i drove home with relief and satisfaction. when i looked at my dirty bare soles, i was even more satisfied. mission accomplished! but there's more to come. yes, a lot more and i'll share them with you. be sure to tune in!