I Have A Dream (The Barefoot Edition)

If you have gone barefoot in stores or other establishments on a regular basis (especially in the United States which is known as the land of the free), most likely you have experienced some form of discrimination ranging from the mildest (like getting dirty looks) to the harshest (like being yelled at, kicked out, or in very rare cases, even arrested).

Ideally, barefooters should never be discriminated against as we don't break any law or hurt anyone by going barefoot. It's totally a personal choice, and we should be allowed the freedom to live the lifestyle that we love.

This wish is wonderfully expressed in the following short article.

I Have A Dream (The Barefoot Edition)

by Steve Barefoot

-I have a dream that one day, all across this nation, people will be able to go barefoot in public places without fear of ridicule and judgment.

-I have a dream that one day, people who wear shoes will not look at people who don't wear shoes as disgusting or mentally challenged.

-I have a dream that one day, businesses like restaurants and stores will no longer see barefooters as potential liabilities, but ordinary, normal customers.

-I have a dream that one day, misguided employees and managers will no longer say, "Excuse me, sir/ma'am....you need shoes to be in here..." but instead say, "May I help you?" and "Have a nice day!"

-I have a dream that one day, we barefooters will no longer have to come up with creative ways to deflect the "shoe-police", but we can walk in any place, in any social setting in the feet that God gave to us.

-I have a dream that one day, people from the least to the greatest will realize that setting their feet free from shoes is an asset to their emotional health.

-I have a dream that as the barefoot revolution marches on, people will be more careful about how they treat their surroundings and no longer abuse the earthly home that they live in.

-I have a dream that as more people go barefoot, they will, with real humility, realize that we are all the same, that there are no big 'I's and little 'you's and no person is intrinsically better than the other.

-I have a dream that going barefoot is no longer just acceptable in New Zealand, but everywhere, all around the world (including the United States).

And when going barefoot becomes socially acceptable, from sea to shining sea, our feet, finally liberated, will sing "Free at last! Free last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! We are free at last!"

Barefoot and free. Let's celebrate!


The above piece was originally posted in the Society for Barefoot Living Facebook Group (a group for people who enjoy living the barefoot lifestyle). Steve is one of the millions of people on this planet who enjoy going barefoot. You can follow him on Twitter where he tweets about living barefoot.

Everything starts with a dream, and if everyone who loves going barefoot would do something to spread the awareness (what you do is up to you, it can be as simple as sharing a pro-barefoot article or site), this dream would be a reality soon!

Happy barefooting!


  1. Everything starts with a dream. Freedom from oppression, success in career, wonderful innovations (like airplanes, cars, computers), you name it! If you don't do anything about it of course, it will remain just a dream. But if you work on it, it can become a reality! :)

  2. I understand, my friend. That's why I'm hoping we can educate more people through the internet which I believe is quite effective. Have a wonderful barefoot day!

  3. It's ok Dinu, everyone makes mistakes :)

  4. Bare feet should be respected.

    Security should worry about shoplifters and any other threat in the store or the shops. Not worrying about barefooters like myself cutting their feet. Another thing with security is in case of a terror threat and they want to search you at least they have one less place to search you. Many people could have dangerous objects likely to cause harm concealed in their shoes.

    Oh I read one of your blogs and your from North Queensland ?

    I'll just refer to you as Jonathan Thurston. The best player in the NRL.

  5. I have seen signs posted at the entrance of stores that said "No shirt, no shoes, no service". I wish people would be open minded about those who go barefoot.