Barefoot Halloween Costumes

barefoot cavewoman costume
Barefoot cave woman costume
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Have you ever worn a barefoot Halloween costume? By that I mean a costume that can or should be worn barefooted. For instance, if you dress as Tarzan or a Hobbit you would not wear anything on your feet. A pair of shoes that look like bare feet are not what I'm talking about here.

Well, I have gone barefoot on Halloween as a pirate, Tarzan/jungle man, and Tom Sawyer, and I had a blast.

So the question is, where can you go barefoot on Halloween night? How about trick-or-treating? Yeah, if you're still at the right age or you have kids of your own, you certainly want to give it a serious thought as it's really fun to go out barefoot on Halloween.

You can also attend a party wearing a barefoot costume at someone's home or a public place. Some establishments may make an exception to their "no bare feet" policy for Halloween, especially if it's a private party.  Don't be afraid of getting dirty feet. You can always wash them later.

You have to use common sense, though. You should go out barefooted on Halloween only if you live in a warm place where it's still quite comfortable to be barefoot outside that time of the year. You also need to make sure you're in a safe and well kept neighborhood where there aren't a lot of broken glasses or other sharp objects on the ground because remember, you will be walking around in the dark for a good part of the evening.

Obviously, if you're not going out, you can be barefoot and wear a costume at home while hosting a Halloween party or just entertaining the little ghouls, goblins, and witches. In this case you don't even have to worry about getting your feet dirty or cold.

So what characters can you dress as barefooted? I mentioned Tarzan and jungle man earlier, and they are the simplest characters to dress as, since all you need is a loincloth! But if you prefer to wear fancier costumes, many are available too.

Barefoot caveman costume
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Other similar characters include Jane, Jungle Jim, and caveman/woman. My friend Tania loves to wear a jungle woman costume like the one shown at the top of the page while her little sister loves to dress as a barefoot witch.

Barefoot witch
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Little Red Riding Hood is often depicted barefoot. So yeah, you can add her to the list of barefoot characters. Read the story about the night I went out trick-or-treating as Red Riding Hood. (Added by Sharleen on 10-19-17)
Little Red Riding Hood costume -
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OK, what other characters can you dress barefoot as? Here's a list. Some of them are pretty obvious while the others are not, but they look so natural in bare feet.
  • The Flintstones
  • The Hulk
  • angel/fairy
  • Native American (while most wear shoes, some models are barefooted)
  • pirate
  • wench
  • hula dancer
barefoot native american costume
A barefoot girl wearing a
Native American costume
Can you think of anything else? Someone mentioned hobbits, and I kinda did in the beginning too. Yeah, hobbits are great but the thing is, many people wear shoes that look like bare feet instead of actually going barefoot when they dress as a hobbit.

In fact those shoes are called hobbit feet I believe, complete with artificial hair and everything. Now to me that looks gross! :) I would rather just stick some fake hair to my bare feet like the boy in the picture below.

Hobbit costume
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Well, you get the idea. So, why not wear a barefoot Halloween costume this year and impress your family, friends, and neighbors.

The following was added by Sharleen on 10-29-15.
So one Halloween night I decided to do something different. I dressed as Samara Morgan from The Ring. It was really simple, all I did was put on a white robe and had my hair cover my face. My hair was long enough so I didn't need a wig or anything, otherwise you can buy one for really cheap. Of course, I was barefoot as she was in the movie. But instead of going trick o'treating I went to a friend's house to scare the trick o'treaters.

I stood in the front yard trying to be as still as possible as people walked in so everybody thought I was a Halloween decoration. Then as they passed in front of me on the way out I giggled and moved, and they all (mostly kids but a few grown-ups too) screamed and ran! I know it was kinda mean but hey, it was Halloween and it was all in good fun!

So yeah, you can add Samara or any other ghost girl to the list of barefoot Halloween characters.

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    Any Hobbit would work too. I think it's a great idea for everyone (trick-or-treaters and those passing out candy at the door or partying at home) to go barefoot for Halloween!


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