Going barefoot outdoors

the following is a post from someone in the UK...

"I didn't know that so many people went bare foot outdoors (except at the beach). Now I've dicovered all these like minded people, I want to try it in public for the first time. How do I start without too much pain? I want black soles what surfaces are best? Please relpy and help me."

that's interesting. i thought in the UK quite a few people went barefoot in public, at least that's what i heard from a few members of the SBL (society for barefoot living), and they don't usually encounter much opposition like we do in the US. but it could be regional too. i mean there could be more barefooters in certain areas of the country. can some of you from the uk comment on this?

anyway, getting back to his questions... how do you start without too much pain? well, i would suggest starting out slow, like maybe you can walk barefoot in your front or back yard where there's grass so it's soft on your soles. besides, walking barefoot on grass is one of the most wonderful sensations :) then you can probably walk barefoot on smooth surfaces outdoors, and avoid gravels and stuff like that until your soles get tougher.

walking around barefoot inside the grocery store is really nice 'cos it's cool and the floor is smooth and oh yeah... your soles get really black too since most grocery stores have dirty floors, he he! walking barefoot in the parking lot or parking garage can also get your feet really dirty.

you can also check out my website about going barefoot if you haven't done so already. i have quite a few suggestions on going barefoot in public there, especially for beginners.

if you have more suggestions to add, feel free to add a comment.

good luck, have fun, feet bare! :)


  1. I absolutly love to go barefoot. When I was a kid I remember watching The Flintstones and how nobody on there ever wore shoes.I wish shoes were never invented. I would love to spend the rest of my life barefoot.There's nothing any more relaxing than going barefoot.

  2. I absolutely love to go barefoot,exspecially outside. There's nothing more enjoyable than going barefoot outside on a summer day. I've gone barefoot my whole life so hot pavement is no big deal to me.I have been barefoot for 4 straight days now and don't plan on putting on shoes any time soon.I love to go barefoot on bare spots in my yard,Georgia red clay gets your feet really dirty

  3. This girl was barefoot in my class and now she's my girlfriend. She twisted her ankle so I saw an opportunity to get here to walk barefoot (or hop rather?) as she was in stilettos


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