what people say about going barefoot

do you often wonder what some people say/think about going barefoot? i don't mean the usual old stuff like 'it's gross', 'it's dangerous', or 'it's against the law' which we know is not true and tired of hearing, but the more positive aspects of it or trying to encourage others to go barefoot as well.

for the next few postings i'm gonna quote other people who have made positive or encouraging remarks about going barefoot. these are the people from different parts of the world whose quotes i read on the internet or have told me personally (mostly in their comments on my guestbook).

today we'll start with this one:

"... Barefoot, we're almost always at peace. We're gentle and tolerant with our fellow man. Stress and anxiety evaporate and grief itself seems bearable as long as our feet are free ..."

by barbara holland in her book "Endangered Pleasures".

i can certainly identify with barbara. i feel the same way. when i'm barefoot i feel more relaxed and cool. in other words, i'm usually in a good and playful mood. i also feel free like a little kid with little inhibition, ready to unjoy life to the fullest.

btw, i like "endangered pleasures." besides going barefoot she talks about many other life's simple pleasures that most people no longer find the value in, or considered taboo like swearing. it's a cool book.


The Barefoot Book