how i became a barefooter

when i was growing up my parents never allowed me to go barefoot except at the swimming pool/beach and in bed. even inside the house i had to wear sandals. outside the house it was always shoes and socks. occasionally i would see other kids in the neighborhood go barefoot while they played in the streets. my parents said they were of lower class and gross. however, once in a while i would also see kids of higher socioeconomic status go barefoot and got their feet all dirty. so i concluded that going barefoot had really nothing to do with ones socioeconomic status, and i thought it was cool but i never dared go against my parents. occasionally though, while they were gone and i was alone with the house keepers i would take my sandals off and walk around the house barefoot hoping that my parents would not suddenly show up. oh, it felt good even if only for brief moments! and fortunately i never got caught, hee hee!

beeing able to feel the different textures of what's beneath my feet is so addicting, and i wanted to do more and more of it. so i always tried to get every little opportunity to go barefoot around the house.


The Barefoot Book