Fun barefoot weekend with family

by sharleen wl

so last weekend my family decided to get together at my parents' house. i was excited cuz although we live on the same island, i very seldom get to see everyone.

i got off work a little early on friday like around 4 pm. as i got to my apartment i immediately changed into my favorite attire - a tank top and ripped jeans shorts and got ready to leave. there wasn't much to pack as i would be wearing the same clothes. so all i brought were toiletries, my phone and charger, and some stuff for my parents and siblings which i put in my backpack. i didn't even bring any footwear since i was going to be barefoot the entire time.

dad had offered to pick me up but i decided to take the bus instead. it's actually more fun. seriously. i love riding the bus barefoot. i put on my new pair of nerdy glasses (ya, i started wearing glasses like a month ago) and walked to the bus stop. a nerdy look and bare feet are the bomb, lol. while i was sitting at the bus stop already some people had their eyes on me. this used to make me nervous but now i don't give a fuck. in fact it's kind of fun, lol.

the bus was pretty full since it was rush hour on a friday, and i had to stand for a while. people, especially those sitting down, were staring at my bare feet. again, i didn't care. finally i got to sit down. right beside an old lady. i felt her eyes scanning my body from top to bottom. she couldn't contain her curiosity as she finally asked me, "where are your shoes?"

"um... i don't wear them," i answered calmly.

"huh, really? why?" she asked again.

"i just like going barefoot."

she was like, "hmmm... but your feet get dirty."

"ya, but i can always wash them," i said smiling at her.

"well, whatever... where are you headed?"

"my parents' house."

"and they don't mind you dressing like that?"

"nope!" i said again with a smile.

"you must be a student going home for the weekend?" i nodded although i'm no longer a student.

she then stopped talking as i pulled out my phone and started browsing the internet. didn't i tell you riding the bus was more fun? she got off before i did without saying a word to me. i thought to myself, "fine, be that way!" lol.

i got off at the bus stop a few blocks from my parents' house. as i was walking i felt nostalgic remembering my school days as i passed by a few familiar little shops. i called my mom telling her i was like 5 minutes away so she could open the door for me.

mom was standing at the front door when i arrived. "hi mom!" i exclaimed as i quickly walked towards her. but she said, "whoa, not so fast young lady! aren't you forgetting something?"

i immediately stopped, wondering what she was talking about. "uh... what is it, mom?"

"you have to wash your filthy feet before entering the house! just because you no longer live here doesn't mean you can break the house rules!" she scolds.

"oh ya... of course... silly me!" i said giggling as i walked to the front of the garage where the hose is located and washed my dirty bare feet. as i finished i ran back towards mom and gave her a big hug.

"love you mom!" i said, and i really meant it even though she can be mean sometimes.

but her response was, "hey, how long have you not taken a shower?"

i was like, "huh?" but quickly realized the reason for her question. so i giggled and said, "i don't know, i don't remember." she then swatted my butt and i was like, "ouw!" and giggled some more as i ran upstairs heading for my old bedroom.

yes, the bedroom i slept in for many years filled with childhood memories. i literally cried as i stepped inside and saw my bed, my desk, and everything else that looked so familiar. i sobbed for a few minutes. after i was done crying i went to the bathroom to blow my nose and wash my face. then i went back downstairs to meet the rest of the family. it was just mom and dad, my big sister tania, and my little brother kevin. our 2 older siblings weren't there as they live on the mainland. we were so happy to see each other.

later that night after dinner tania came to my room and we chatted for a long time. we're literally best friends and had alot of catching up to do. it was well after midnight when she decided to leave as we were both getting sleepy.

after she left i took everything off and climbed into my comfy old bed. as is often the case, i decided to play a little before actually going to sleep. i think you all know what i mean. i don't have to spell it out, right? lol.

while i was busy playing suddenly the door opened and tania walked in which really startled me. she was like, "hey, i forgot to tell you... uh-oh!" she too was startled when she realized what i was doing. then we both burst out laughing.

being the teaser she is, she said, "i'm gonna tell mom!"

i knew she was just kidding so i replied, "go ahead and tell!" and we both giggled. she left my room without telling me what she had forgotten to tell me, and i continued where i left off. i had a restful sleep afterwards.

the next morning when tania and i saw each other we smiled and kind of blushed. then she asked me, "so how was it?"

"pretty good considering i got interupted," i replied and we both giggled again. later that day the two of us went shopping at the mall. yes, we were both barefoot and had a blast. when we got home mom wasn't there so we didn't bother washing our feet.

that night (saturday) it was my little brother kevin's turn to spend time with me. some of you may remember that i was (and prolly still is) his favorite sibling, and we used to camp out in the backyard on weekends when we were little. when it was rainy or cold we would sleep together in either of our rooms (you can read some of our old posts about all this). so that night he decided to sleep in my room for old times' sake. there's still this other bed in my room where tania used to sleep when we were still sharing the room. so that's where kevin slept. and of course i didn't play that night ;)

kevin and i also had alot of catching up to do. when we were sitting and talking he looked at my feet and said, "hey, how come your feet are so dirty?"

"cuz we were barefoot the whole afternoon at the mall," i replied.

"and you didn't wash them when you came home?"

"nope, cuz mom wasn't there."

"bad girl!" he said and i giggled.

the following day (sunday) was pretty uneventful. we ate out and visited a few places together. tania and i were barefoot the entire time.

i went back to my apartment monday morning. i shed a few more tears as i was leaving my room. it was after rush hour so there was plenty of room on the bus, and no one talked to me this time. as i got to my apartment i quickly changed clothes (into a t-shirt and a nice pair of shorts with no holes in them) and walked to work. barefoot, but carrying flip flops in my bag.

from paradise hawaii this is sharleen reminding you that life is magical. so...

aloha and have a magical week!