Barefoot related horror story

aloha everyone! this is sharleen with a little update. how's it going? things are improving here in hawaii and i hope its the same where you are. just hang in there, everything will get better. i'm now working 2 regular jobs - at the souvenir shop and the restaurant. the souvenir shop cut their hours, so i work there during the day, and at the restaurant in the evening. but since people are now eating inside again, they no longer allow me to work barefoot. oh well! it was nice while it lasted, and hey, it could be alot worse, so i'm not complaining.

oh, and i still work at the tanaka's on weekends too (barefoot). so yeah, they all keep me busy. i'll post a more detailed update soon, but now i'd like to tell you about a new horror story that i just posted to my story blog. its based on an actual experience when i was a college student going barefoot to school and everything.

you see, because i love going barefoot, i've met quite a number of guys with foot fetish both online and in real life that loved looking at my feet. have to admit, in the beginning i was like flattered but after awhile it got tiresome and even a bit annoying although most of these guys are probably harmless.

many times guys (and even a couple of girls) would send me dm's/pm's just to have more personal conversations, mostly related to going barefoot. usually the interactions were short with just a few messages, and i don't really mind those. but there were like a couple of guys that persisted in sending me pm's even after i kind of hinted that i wasn't interested in a relationship. they insisted that they wanted to meet me some day. that's where it got a little creepy, like what the actual fuck?

so i wrote the story based on one of those "weird" experiences. when your online, especially on social media you have to like be careful with the personal information you share cuz you just don't know who might be reading it and what they could do to you. i also decided it would be best to just turn off all dm's/pm's for privacy and safety reasons. even on here i no longer allow comments. sorry!

anyway, there's alot of barefooting mentioned in the story. its kinda related to being a barefoot college student and all that shit. yeah, the good old days, although this is a horror story. i'm pretty sure you'll like it. here's the link: a social media nightmare.


The Barefoot Book