Barefoot Thanksgiving break

by Sharleen (Lynn) WL

Last year over Thanksgiving break I visited my best friend Sandra (who is also my girlfriend now) in Houston where she goes to school. Yeah, I'm bi and she's lesbian, so after I broke up with my last boyfriend, Sandra and I developed a romantic relationship. Its been great cuz we both have alot of things in common including the love of going barefoot. What kinda sucks is she had to move to Houston.

Anyway, I flew to Houston a couple days before Thanksgiving. I was planning to do it entirely barefoot like I did when I was a kid (you can read the story here on the blog if you haven't already - its titled "Traveling Barefoot"), but unfortunately at the gate I was told to put shoes on. So I just wore my flip flops which I put in my backpack. The staff was nice about it though, he just looked at me and smiled. Once I got on the plane I took 'em off again. I walked out of the plane barefoot in Houston, and no one said anything.

Sandra picked me up at the airport, and she was barefoot too. It was wonderful to see each other. She lives in an apartment on the outskirts of Houston. She says the rent is cheaper there than in the middle of the city, and its near a wooded area, so its really peaceful and quiet which she loves. She has to drive quite a bit to school everyday but its a small price to pay she says.

On Thanksgiving day we went to Sandra's aunt and uncle's house for dinner. We both went in bare feet of course. Her relatives are very open minded. They told us we were really made for each other.

The following day we decided to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) which is like 50 miles northwest of Houston. They open on weekends in October and November including Thanksgiving Friday. Sandra said its really barefoot friendly. The weather was unseasonably warm which was perfect. So we both dressed as gypsy girls and didn't wear or even bring any footwear. Thats total freedom.

We had a blast at the TRF. There were many free spirits there - pagans, hippies, bohemians, and people who just enjoy life, and some of them were barefoot too.

We decided to camp out that night and go back to the festival the following day (Saturday). Sandra knew the perfect place to camp where we didn't have to pay, and we happened to be the only ones there which was wonderful.

We went wild and crazy in the tent and had the time of our lives. I can't tell you the details about what we did though, cuz this is supposed to be a family friendly blog,but I think you get the idea ;)

We had another fun-filled day at the TRF on Saturday. The park is really big, so it does take more than one day to explore it. There's alot of dirt paths and grassy areas in there which felt great on our bare soles. We didn't shower or wash our feet the entire time, so you can imagine how filthy they were. The other barefooters we saw also had really dirty feet. We went back to Sandra's apartment Saturday night, and the following day I flew back to Hawaii.

I checked in, went through security and everything barefoot at the Houston airport with no problem. I was the only one barefoot, and I did get some stares which I'm quite used to. Once again, they wouldn't let me board the plane in bare feet. The staff in Houston wasn't as nice as the one in Hawaii though. She gave me a dirty look and said with a loud voice, "You have to wear shoes to board!"

I was a little embarassed as everyone around was looking at me, but after I put on my flip flops I smiled at the lady and said "Have a nice day."

It was a short yet fantastic Thanksgiving break that I got to spend almost entirely barefoot (save for the boarding at both airports) with my beloved. What more can a barefoot girl ask for, right? :)

Being a horror story lover, I couldn't resist writing one based on our barefoot Thanksgiving break experience. Its part fiction like most of my other stories on that blog, and I changed some of the details, especially the ending. Sandra almost killed me when she read the ending, and you'll understand why after you read it. I know I was bad, but I was just having fun writing, and I apologized profusely to her. She told me I should at least change her name, so I did. She has forgiven me, and now all is well :)

So here's the link to the story, I hope you enjoy reading it: The woman by the lake near Houston.

From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

have a magical Thanksgiving, and stay barefoot if you can!

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