Going barefoot is legal

going barefoot is legal, safe, and fun.
Going barefoot is legal, safe, and fun.
Is going barefoot legal? At home, who cares, right? But what about out in public? Many people wonder, and are frequently given the wrong answer.

Unfortunately in this day and age, especially in the US and a few other countries, some people still believe that going barefoot in public is illegal, especially being barefoot in establishments like stores, restaurants, etc.

Barefooters often get kicked out and told that they need to put on shoes or at the very least people stare at them like their from a different planet or even mentally unstable. This can be unnerving to newbie barefooters. Some are afraid to even try. Many people also believe that driving barefoot is illegal.

Well, the good news is, none of that is true. Feet, just like hands, are not private parts, so its ok to expose them. Nobody requires you to wear gloves, right?

Problem is, beliefs are hard to change, especially if they have been around for decades. But with the internet today its easier than ever to share knowledge and spread words around the world.

One group is making use of the power of the internet to educate people that going barefoot in public is legal, safe, and fun. Its called Barefoot is Legal. You can choose to join and support them in different ways or at least help spread the word that going barefoot is LEGAL.

There's great resources and educational materials including letters from health departments stating that there's no law against going barefoot. They also have a Facebook page with alot of cool pics and videos that you can like and follow. So check 'em out now!

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Sharleen (Lynn)


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