Going Barefoot in Class Benefits Students

Hey everyone, how's it going? This is gonna be a short post.

I was just checking out what's going on in the barefooting world, and I came across an article titled "Students to go barefoot in class as experts highlight benefits of 'shoeless' learning."

I thought that sounded really cool as I'm a strong advocate of going barefoot. So I decided to read the article. It's about a research that was initially conducted by the students themselves. It cites the benefits of going barefoot in class for primary school students such as helping them learn better and even improving their behavior, and now the school (a primary school in London) is starting to implement "shoeless lessons."

Fantastic, right? Well, there's just one big problem. At least with what's shown on the page. In the pictures the students are NOT actually barefoot. They're wearing socks! Ugh! Wearing socks is not the same as going barefoot. Just like when you're wearing only underwear you're NOT n a k e d!

If you wanna do something you've gotta do it right and go all the way. But I guess it's a step in the right direction.

I also read the comments, and sadly, all of them (so far) are negative which shows that many people are misinformed and have a negative attitude toward going barefoot (they mentioned the risk of catching diseases and stuff). That's why it's important for us barefooters to educate others.

On a related note, you can read my little sister's experience going barefoot at school if you haven't already.

Oh, in case you want to read that article (and perhaps leave a more positive comment), here's the link.




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