A Barefoot Nightmare - Those With No Shoes Please...

by Sharleen W.L.

I just finish eating lunch in the cafetaria with 2 of my friends, and were heading to our first afternoon class. I'm barefoot as usual. One of my friends is wearing shoes and the other flip flops. It really feels great walking around campus in bare feet.

As we get to the building, both my friends head towards the restroom and tell me they'll see me in class since I don't need to go.

So I climb up the stairs to the 3rd floor where our classroom is. The floors in that building are really grimy but it feels good on my bare soles.

There are already quite a few students in the classroom. This is a discussion class, so there are tables with a few chairs around them. I spot a table with no one sitting at it yet which is perfect as my friends and I can sit together.

There's a nerdy looking guy sitting at the next table busy with his phone. As I sit down he looks at my bare feet but doesn't say anything. He then makes a call and starts talking on the phone.

Suddenly I notice something. There's a piece of paper taped to the back of every chair with huge handwritten words: THOSE WITH NO SHOES PLEASE EXPOSE YOURSELVES!

I'm like, W T F!? How come I've never seen it before? And the language is kinda wierd. I start to feel a little uneasy. So what am I supposed to do? My 2 friends walk in and we talk about different things, and I kinda forget about the strange sign.

Soon the professor comes in. He's an older man with gray hair and beard, wearing thick glasses. "Ok, lets get started!" he says, and everyone was quiet. Then he says again, "Oh, before we start, any of you whose not wearing shoes please leave the class now!"

My heart stops beating! The prof speaks further, "Well, I'm not gonna check everyone's feet, but if I walk around and happen to catch you, you'll be in big trouble. So, its better for you to just leave right now!" No one gets up.

My friends and the nerdy guy are all looking at me without saying a word. Should I leave or just sit there and pretend there's nothing and hope the old goat won't catch me? I opt for the former for I don't think I can stand being stressed out for a whole hour. So I put everything in my backpack, get up, and walk towards the door. I can feel all eyes are on me.

Right before I get to the door the prof hollers, "Whoa, where are you going young lady? Come here for a second!" My heart stops beating for the second time. I'm leaving as he told me to, so what does he want now? But my feet also stop, and I turn and walk hesitantly towards him.

"Why are you not wearing shoes?" he asks me sternly and condescendingly as I stand in front of him.

"Um... because... I hate wearing shoes!" I reply with a shaky voice. That's the same line I've used over and over since I was little whenever someone questions me about my lack of footwear. I usually say it with a smile and try to look cute, but this time I just can't smile as I'm really nervous.

"Well, I hate seeing people walk around barefoot in public places, especially on campus which is very improper. That's why I don't allow them in my class!" says the prof with a loud voice.

"Look at how filthy your feet are! Don't you think that's disgusting!? You should be ashamed of yourself. As a college student your supposed to be a good role model!" he continues his diatribe.

All I can do is look down at my feet which are filthy. Even the top and sides of my toes are dirty. Yep, that's what usually happens after I walk around campus barefoot all day. But I remain silent as he chastises me in front of the whole class.

"So are you gonna wear shoes next time?" he finally asks me with a slightly toned-down voice.

"Yes, sir," I reply sheepishly while thinking to myself, "Like hell I am!"

"Ok, I'll let you stay this time. But just this time. Now go back and sit down!"

So I walk back to my seat while once again, all eyes are on me and my dirty bare feet. Many of the students are giggling. Major embarassment!

As I'm about to sit down I open my eyes and... I'm actually laying in my bed. Phew! It was all a dream. A nightmare! I guess that's what happens when you party too much. :) Yeah, I was out partying last night (new years eve) and got a little drunk. I didn't come home until 4 am this morning, and didn't get to sleep until around 4.30.

I look at the clock, and it's 10:11 am. Its new years day, so I don't have to go to school, yay! I'm still kinda sleepy but I don't think I can go back to sleep after that nightmare, so I might as well get up and write about it and share it with you.

I didn't make it all up, though. I really had that wierd dream. Oh, and that professor... he's actually my math professor. He and I don't like each other. He likes to scold me in front of the whole class for different reasons. He thinks I'm wild and rebellious. You can read about my experience with him in the barefoot college student story. Well, I hope the nightmare will never ever come true!

Thanks for reading. From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. So...

Aloha, and let's make this new year magical!

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  1. Our story is very funny! Do You dance barefoot at the party and sleep with dirty feet after it?

    1. Sharleen6:38 PM

      I didn't go to the party barefoot since it was in an upscale place but your right, I took off my shoes when I danced. But the floor was pretty clean, so my feet only got slightly dirty. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I had a bad dream today where I'm somehow in America where all shop owners there hate bare feet. Us barefooters have health code letters saying it's not. There's a politician about to get elected and he's against bare feet saying that his going to cover the "loophole" that barefooters have been using to get into anti barefoot stores. No barefooters can no longer use their health code letter now since the law has been passed and we have to wear shoes otherwise we can go to jail.

    I hope this never ever comes true. Impossible for this to happen in Australia so it's all good.

    Have a great day :)

    1. Sharleen6:48 PM

      Wow, that would be scary if it was real. Since it was the US, it would include Hawaii too although it's quite barefoot friendly. Hope it never comes true! Your lucky to live in Australia. Thanks for your comment.

    2. Did Tanya tell you about "Heel Toe" downshifting?

    3. Sharleen4:29 PM

      Yes, she did and we tried it, but we couldn't get it quite right, and we decided not to persue it any further at this time.

    4. Well at least you both tried, kudos to the two of you. Sorry if my instructions weren't clear but at least you two tried your best :)

  3. Have You ever go to the class with dirty feet?

    1. Sharleen4:25 PM

      Yes, all the time. Have you read my post "A Day in the Life of a Barefoot College Student?"

  4. Yes, it is a funny story!I like to go barefoot and make my feet dirty! I go very often barefoot everywhere.


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