Barefoot Little Angel at the Hospital

by Sharleen W.L.

One morning in early summer when I was in elementary school I went to accompany mom to the hospital for treatment of her arthritis. I decided to go barefoot and she didn't object. The treatment was to be done in the outpatient clinic, and when we arrived the nurse was all ready for her. She asked mom how she was feeling.

Barefoot angel on duty
"Well, I was a little nervous because of the potential side effects, but now I'm ok since many people are praying for me," replied mom.

"Oh, you'll be just fine! And it's great that people are praying for you!" said the nurse.

Then unexpectedly mom said this: "besides...I've got my little angel here with me!" while pointing to me.

You see, mom is pretty strict and can even be a bit mean at times. She scolded me a lot, and sometimes even punished me when I was a kid, but she actually loves me very much.

"Oh, how wonderful that you have a little angel!" said the nurse.

"Yeah, naughty little angel!" said mom chuckling. Again, I didn't expect that!

The nurse was like, "Ahaha!...naughty angel, huh?!" winking at me. By that time I was blushing, and I just giggled not knowing what to say.

"I guess you are naughty cos you must have lost your shoes!" she said again, looking at my bare feet.

"But angels don't wear shoes!" I replied, giggling and still blushing.

She was like, "Ha, you got me there, kiddo!" as she walked towards mom to begin her treatment.

The treatment was to take at least a couple of hours, and after sitting in the room for a while I got bored. So mom told me to walk around outside for a while. She even gave me some money to buy whatever I wanted.

So I left the room and walked around the clinic. Just about everyone I met in the hallway smiled and said hi to me. I saw the gift shop and decided to go in. I enjoyed looking at all the cool stuff in there but didn't buy anything.

Then I headed to the front of the building. It was my lucky day, as there was a shave ice truck there. Yes! So I went and bought a small cone. I continued walking as I ate the yummy and colorful shave ice.

I stopped by the fish pond to look at the beautiful koi. There were a couple of little kids there, a boy and a girl about 3 and 4 years old, and their mother sitting by the pond. They said hi to me as I approached them, and we chatted a little. The boy pointed at my bare feet, grinned and looked at his mom.

"Yeah, she's got no shoes on!" she said chuckling. "Did you leave them with your mom?" she asked me.

"No, I was barefoot from home," I replied, and she was like, "Oh, wow!"

I happened to have candy in my pocket, so I gave some to the kids, and they were overjoyed.

I looked at my watch, and it was almost 12:30. Mom must be almost done, so I headed back to the treatment room after saying goodbye to the friendly kids and their mother. My soles got really dirty from all the walking.

When I got to the room the nurse was just wrapping things up. "Ah, here's your pretty barefoot angel, right on time!" she said to mom while winking at me.

Barefoot angel off duty
So everything went well with mom, and on the way home she treated me to a very nice lunch at my favorite resterant by the beach.

When we got home mom went to rest, and I hung out with my little brother in our tent in the backyard (you can read more about that here). After a while we went swimming in the pool.

It was another magical day in paradise for this barefoot (naughty) little angel.

Yes, this is Sharleen reminding you that life is indeed magical no matter where you are. So, let's make it a magical day!

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Photo credit:
Fairy Heart with CC BY-SA 2.0