Henna designs for your bare feet

ok, i'm on a roll here. just added another page to my web site, this time about henna designs or henna tattoo as some people call it.

many barefooters like to decorate their feet to show others that they're not ashamed of their feet; in fact, they're proud to show them off, and docorations such as toe rings, ankle bracelets, and henna designs make their feet look even more attractive. so, if you go barefoot a lot, why not consider applying some henna designs on your feet and make your already beautiful feet look even more exotic!

another good thing about henna designs is that unlike regular tattoos, they are not permanent. so you don't ever have to worry about regretting getting the tattoo in the future since they will wear off on their own with time.

you can read more about those cool and exotic henna designs at my site, again by clicking on the title of this post :)


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