Flip flops are cool too

today we're taking a break from commenting on various quotes by people about going barefoot just to let y'all know that i recently added a page to my website about flip flops.

whoa! flip flops on a barefoot website?? i know, i know, some of you barefooters may chastise me for it. but you know what? not all of us are full time barefooters and in those instances when going barefoot is not possible, like due to the weather work/school, etc. flip flops are actually the next best thing.

why? because when you wear flip flops your feet (most of them anyway) are still exposed; they're not suffocated like when you wear shoes and you can also easily slip off your flip flops whenever you want to. so you are technically one step away from being barefoot. and hey, who knows (keeping my fingers crossed) bare feet might be the next fashionable thing! :)

another thing about flip flops is that in the beginning when they were just starting to be in style, it was mostly women who wore them but in the last year or so there have been more and more men wearing flip flops which is cool. when the temperature starts to warm up, flip flops start to show up just about everywhere. flip flops has become the most favorite footwear of this century and they're here to stay!

you can read more about flip flops at my website by clicking the title of this post.


  1. I love wearing flip flops. I try to wear them to school every day. the best thing is that when you are at school you can take them off. so times i take them off and when the teacher tells you to put them on million times they will some times take them and then you are barefoot. so you can walk around school barefoot. so when it is winter just put a pair of flip flops in your backpack and in the bathroom put on the flip flops.


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