toe rings

i love toe rings but only recently started wearing them after reading about some guys wearing them on the hip forum. many guys shy away from wearing them 'cos several different things such as being regarded as inappropriate especially by people that are conservative, or sometimes people think they're gay.

i don't really care about what other people think. they're all entitled to their opinion, and so am i! :) and in my opinion toe rings are cool both on girls and guys. if a guy can wear rings on his fingers why can't he wear 'em on his toes as well? after all they're just jewelry. besides, it shows people that you feel good about your feet and about going barefoot by decorating them and showing them off.

since i've been wearing them i've never had anyone comment on them either positive or negative but some other guys have had positive comments from girls. so, if some of you guys like to wear toe rings but are wondering whether or not you should, i'd say go for it!

you can find some cheap toe rings on ebay. that's where i got mine. in fact i bought 2 sets. the quality of the first set wasn't really good. they broke after bending them a few times but the second set are pretty good. i wear one on each foot on the second toe.

have fun going barefoot and wearing toe rings! :)


  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I Am a guy that has been wearing toe rings for years never had a negitive comment if you go barefoot why not wear them my friends notice them don't say a word there wives do comment how cool they look if you look around you can find styles for men wide bands look the best I even found a harley davidson toe ring so guy's don't be reluctent to wear toe rings you will be surprised how cool it looks.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I too am a straight married guy who has worn toe rings for years what got me into wearing toe rings is when I would go to the beach I noticed surfers wearing them looked cool to me it seemed the thing to do when you are barefoot as Iam most the time.

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I am a straight guy too. I live in the north of Germany. Wearing toe rings here in this area is not common. I´m 48 years old and wear one plain silver toe ring on my left index toe. It is a fitted one and I have no problems to show off my foot jewelry in public. Without my jewelry I feel undressed. I love to wear it and see it on other male or female feet. I hope more men would be wearing foot jewelry.


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