Tropical Paradise Hawaii

My favorite thing about Hawaii is the lifestyle. Partly because of the warm climate and natural beauty, the lifestyle is very casual and laid back. Outside Honolulu the pace of life is slow, and people take time to appreciate and enjoy the kind and beautiful nature that surrounds them, and attempt to be one with it.

I'm a very casual person, and therefore, I really love the lifestyle here! Suit and tie are out. Most professional and businessmen wear aloha shirt which is a dress shirt with Hawaiian/tropical design. The women wear either regular dress or, if they prefer, muumuu which is a long dress also with Hawaiian/tropical design, supposedly very comfy.

The most prevalent attire off work consists of T-shirt, shorts, and rubber slippers (flip flops). You can dress so casually just about anywhere, whether shopping, dining, or even flying! It is also customary to take off all footware before entering a home. Being so comfortable, sometimes you forget to put them on before going out... so, you just go barefoot everywhere (like to the malls, grocery stores, casual restaurants, etc.). It's fun, and most people don't care! In fact, many locals consider bare feet their favorite form of footware :)


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    hi; i am a regular visitor to your personal page & after reading your posts last night i went out barefoot; i was so happy & was so comfortable while walking; oh i could feel everything under my soles & its something new & i am sure tonight i will try again; thanks for sharing such feelings


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