Barefoot in Restaurants

Going barefoot in restaurants is one of the most exciting things in my barefoot life. It kinda defies one of the most popular social norms that when you enter a restaurant you have to look 'decent', and i love breaking norms and taboos :) but since i'm kinda shy, it took a while and some guts for me to break norms and this one is no exception.

Once i did it though, it got easier the next time around. The first i went to barefoot was a fast food Asian restaurant (which you can find plenty in Hawaii). Fast food places are cool 'cos you don't have to be served and most of them are really laid back.

Still, i decided to do it one small (bare) step at a time. The very first time i just ordered to go so that i wouldn't need to sit in there feeling vulnerable. So i placed my order at the counter and waited till they bring it out, and then i walked out. Hey, i can still claim that i went barefoot in a restaurant can't i? :)

The next time i went back to the same fast food restaurant i decided to eat in instead of taking out the food. I had been there previously in bare feet without any problem so i got more confident.

Like the last time i ordered the food at the counter and waited there until it was ready and i went and sat at one of the tables to eat. It was a great feeling that i finally was able to eat at a restaurant in bare feet :) there were other customers eating in there and no comments about my bare feet.

A side story: coming out of the restaurant i walked on the sidewalk along the shopping strip and i saw a glob of ice cream on the ground that apparently someone had dropped. Just for the fun of it i decided to step on it and ooohhh... the feeling was heavenly! :) there's nothing like having ice cream squish through your toes :) i know some may think it's gross but hey, it's only ice cream. It usually goes into your mouth doesn't it? :)

Wonder where that ice cream on the ground came from? Well, there's a Baskin Robins in that shopping area. So that's where i decided to venture barefoot next. I had seen a few other barefooters in there including one time i saw a man in his 50's driving a Lexus went in there barefoot as well as a few barefoot kids. So it was no big deal but still a pleasant experience.

When i went in there were quite a few people but i was the only one in bare feet, but no problem. I bought my ice cream then sat down and enjoyed it. It tasted heavenly in a warm day. My feet had previously tasted it and told me it was yummy, he he he!

Next stop, Taco Bell. Not on the same day as the previous ones, though, but there was a Taco Bell near my apartment and i had always wanted to try eating in there in bare feet. So one day i just decided to do it.

It was pretty crowded that afternoon and i had to stand in line to place my order. Being the only barefooter made me somewhat feel uneasy but i tried to suppress it and stayed on. I ordered a taco salad and sat down to eat. Despite the little uneasiness it was a great feeling to be able to sit in a restaurant and eat in bare feet. When i got done i claimed another victory. Yay! :)

The next one was Mc Donald's. This experience was actually pretty funny. As you know most Mc Donald's have the sign prohibiting bare feet, but not the ones in Hawaii and i had seen others barefoot in there. So i decided to give it a try one day.

So i went in and stood in line to place the order. I didn't see any other barefooters at the time but i remained cool :) at that time they were having the 'Mc.Rib' which is not a regular item. So just to make sure i asked the attendant if they still had it. She said. 'Hold on a second' and went in to call the manager. My heart started to race thinking that she might have seen my bare feet and called the manager to kick me out.

But when the manager came out she told him that i wanted to see him. I was like, "uh... um... No, i didn't ask to see the manager." i told him i just wanted a Mc.Rib. So he just told the attendant to give me one. All the time my bare feet was in sight and he made no mention of it.

But i was still dumbfounded and a bit shocked. For some reason the attendant misheard me and thought i had asked to see the manager. Phew! I was glad that's all it was :)


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