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the other day while driving in the morning i heard on the radio that it's against the law to go barefoot in establishments like a grocery store. they were actually talking about how the government tries to regulate smoking in public places, and somehow the subject of going barefoot was also mention in passing and was sort of made fun of. so as soon as i got home i wrote an email to the host of the show as follows:

Hi xxx,

I love your show and listen to you every day. That's why I would like to set the record straight on what someone said on your show earlier today that you seemed to agree with.
As I was getting off my car I heard someone say (I don't know who he was) that it's against the law to go barefoot in grocery stores.

Well, that's just not true! There is no government law/regulation/code in Texas or any other state we know (see reference below) that says you can't go barefoot in grocery stores or other public places.

Of course, any establishment can set *their own* dress code but they must state it as such, and not lie and try to hide behind phantom laws. Yes, it's a shame many of them do that, and I just don't want a respectable program like yours to help propagate the myth.
So, I hope you will set the record straight.

For reference please go to: http://barefooters.org/health-dept/

Thank you,


  1. Hey dude, very cool. I've gone barefoot quite a few places, but not as many as you... it's cold up north, and I have to work to get up the confidence all over again every summer. It's about freedom - not following stupid rules. Shoes suck.
    Peace - Ryvr


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