Barefoot in Seattle

by sharleen wl

I had previously heard that Seattle was a barefoot friendly city, so I was excited when I had the chance to prove it for myself early last summer. My girlfriend Sandra and I were going a cruise to Alaska leaving from Seattle. As you know from one of my previous posts (barefoot thanksgiving break) I'm bi, and Sandra who was my childhood best friend, is lesbian.

Anyway, we were planning to stay in Seattle for a day before the cruise, and we already booked a hotel. It was a quaint little waterfront hotel, and we were lucky to get an ocean view so that we could watch ships pass by. Sandra has relatives in Seattle whom she wanted to spend some time with, so she flew in a day earlier.

After being denied boarding barefoot on my trip to Houston the year before (barefoot thanksgiving break), I didn't bother trying it this time. I just put on flip flops to board, and took them off again once I was on the plane. I deplaned in Seattle and walked around the airport barefoot with no problem although I didn't see any other barefooters.

I took a cab to the hotel, the driver saw my bare feet but didn't say anything. I guess one advantage of being a girl is that people often assume that my feet are hurting from wearing uncomfortable women shoes, so they cut me some slack. I checked in the hotel in bare feet with no problem.

The weather couldn't be better. The temperature was in the mid 70s, and the sun was shining brightly. Not the typical gloomy and rainy Seattle weather. It was like 10 am, and I was supposed to meet Sandra at 11, so I had about an hour, and decided to walk along the pier and enjoy the weather. I was wearing my favorite outfit: a tank-top, distressed jeans shorts, and of course, nothing on my feet :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a group of 3 young people (2 guys and a girl) walking barefoot at the pier. Their feet were really dirty. I thought that was really cool and felt at home :) I returned to the hotel around 11, and Sandra was already waiting in the lobby. She was barefoot too.

The hotel had a free shuttle service to the famous Pike Place Market, and there happened to be one leaving in like 15 minutes. Perfect timing! So Sandra put all her stuff in the room, and we went back out. No one said anything about our bare feet.

legalize marijuanaOne cool thing about the state of Washington (and a number of other progressive states) is that weed is legal, so we took advantage of that :) Imo it should be legal everywhere. On the way to the hotel from the airport I saw a young guy standing at an intersection holding a sign saying "Weed for sale." I thought that was really dope. Even as we were walking around in the Pike Market Place we could smell pot smoke every now and then. I asked Sandra what time it was, and she said 4:20 :p. We also saw a number of other barefoot people there. They were all enjoying the great weather. We had lunch and then did some shopping.

We originaly planned to go to the Space Needle later in the day, but there was so much to see and do in the Pike Place Market. It was almost dinner time when we got back to the hotel, and we were kinda pooped. So we decided to skip the Space Needle, and had dinner at a cafe near the hotel. We dined in our filthy bare feet with no problem.

Some of you who have been reading this blog probably know that I usually prefer to have clean feet. But when I'm on vacation I tend to let loose and not care about it as much. So that night after dinner Sandra and I went back to our room and had alot of fun together. We were pretty tired, so we just went to bed without showering although our bodies, especially feet, were really dirty.

The next morning after eating a light free breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and took the shuttle to the port for our cruise. There was a barefoot woman standing in front of the hotel also waiting for a shuttle. We weren't sure if they would let us board the ship barefoot, but we decided to give it a try.

We had to go through several check points during the check in process. We went through the first 2 with no problem. At the third check point, the officer asked if we had shoes with us. We told him we had flip flops, and he told us to put them on. We had no choice but to comply.

At the security checkpoint right before we boarded the ship, the alarm beeped as I was walking through the portal. The officer told me to empty my pockets, and take off my belt and shoes, and put everything in a bin just like at the airport. I was like, wtf? They should of just let me go barefoot from the beginning. I wasn't pissed, though. I was actually quite amused and thought it was funny.

We were barefoot most of the time on the ship except for when we went to the more formal restaurants and shows. It was still quite cold in Alaska (temperatures were in the 40s during the day), so we wore jackets and flip flops for the excursions.

We had a wonderful time going barefoot in Seattle, and the naughty me couldn't resist writing an
e r o t i c  horror story base on it. The story is barefoot related, but I must WARN you that it also has a   s e x u a l  theme, and its Not Safe For Work (N S F W), so its intended for those who are 18 or older. It is also somewhat gruesome which usually isn't my thing, but for some reason I had the urge to write it :)

Maybe one of the reasons is because I like to shock people sometimes. As many of you know, I was first introduced on this blog as an innocent 9 year old girl who was a little shy about going barefoot in public. Well, the little girl has grown up. So yeah, here's the link to the story: Sleepy in Seattle. Remember, you have to be at least 18 to read it.

From paradise Hawaii this is Sharleen reminding you that life is magical. Yeah, especially when your high on vacation. So... have a magical day!

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