barefoot in australia, new zealand, and hawaii

the following is a comment from someone in new zealand:

"In New Zealand and Australia a lot of people go barefoot during Spring and Summer, and in Queensland year round. Just returned from a holiday in Hawaii Big Island and Oahu Waikiki. Loved going barefoot everyday. Surprised to see not as many barefooters as expected. Most wore jandals or sandals. Hotels stated they wanted guests to have footwear. I ignored this."

yes, australia and new zealand are paradise for barefooters. i have never been to any of them myself but have heard from others that a lot of people go barefoot in public in those 2 countries, especially in beach communities. it's so common that most don't even give it a second thought. there are very little resistant to going barefoot from establishments.

hawaii is also barefoot friendly compared to most places on the us mainland. again, barefooters are more prevelant in beach communities. however, hawaii is also a part of north america, where many people have a negative attitude toward going barefoot in public. so yes, there are some establishments that have the notorious sign posted, but for the most part they don't enforce it.

on the flip side, there is a shopping mall on windward oahu (windward mall) where a sign is posted by the escalators saying: "for safety reason, customers in bare feet please use the elevators". that is one of the most wonderful signs i've ever read. it means that they sanction bare feet!