Bloody Bare Footprints

Don't worry guys, it's fake blood, OK! Lol. I saw this bath mat online the other day as it's a hit this time of the year with Halloween approaching, and I thought it was pretty cool. I don't really like bloody stuff so yeah, this would freak me out if I didn't know it was fake. But I'm all about scaring people during Halloween! Especially this item kinda goes along with our love of going barefoot, don't you think? :)

bloody footprint bath mat
Bath mat with bloody bare footprints.
Get it now!
Imagine someone going into your bathroom and seeing this mat. They would scream thinking they were your (or someone's) bloody bare footprints! They would probably think somebody just got killed, haha!

I seriously thought about getting one myself but the thing is, I'm still living with my parents, and I have my own bathroom in my bedroom. Virtually no one that visits our house ever uses my bathroom, so I would be the only person who sees it and that's no fun, of course. Putting it in the common bathroom by the living room is out of the question as mom would eat me alive, haha!

But if you live by yourself or with others and love to entertain during Halloween, this might be a good idea for a prank. :) But use common sense, though. You definitely don't wanna play tricks on people that are vulnerable like little kids, older folks, or those with heart problems, etc. Let them use a different bathroom, or simply warn them before they go in.

If you wanna get this cool bloody bare footprint bath mat, just click on the picture or link above. Have fun!


  1. I'm from Perth Australia and barefooters here are common, I love going barefoot everywhere. Summers here can get up to 45 degrees centigrade but since I go barefoot a lot, it doesn't hurt my feet. I have NEVER seen a "No shirt, No Shoes, No Service" signs in my life.

    Keeping your feet bare is best.

    1. Yeah, I've heard there are lots of barefooters in Australia and New Zealand, even more than in Hawaii. Lucky you! Haven't been there myself though. Maybe one day :)

  2. Hi Tania. I freaked when I saw this and then realised its not real. Lol.
    About 2 weeks ago I was coming out of school quite late as stayed on to attend an evening class and a few of the school idiot dropout bullies were hanging around outside.
    Next Thing I had 3 of them blocking me and scaring the shit out of me. I turned to go back inside but was blocked. Next thing I saw a guy in my class come out of the gym door just inside the building and I called out to him. I was like OMG he's wearing just posing briefs and barefoot. He's gorgeous and I didn't realise he's so muscular until now.
    He's in a bodybuilding show next month so was practising his posing in the gym. Anyway I won't bore you with the gory detail but basically I spent the next 10 watching him fight 3 guys to help me. He got pretty hurt.
    They went for his feet a lot to weaken him and for the life of me I found that so sexy seeing him fighting wearing nothing but tiny posing briefs displaying a lot of muscle and especially sexy was seeing him like that barefoot.
    He was a mess after the fight but he took them on to protect me and that was amazing.
    Just had to share with you.

    1. Hi Lynda, sorry for the late reply. Wow, that was f*cking scary. Glad you're OK and also the sexy barefoot guy. Is he your bf? If not, maybe he should be, lol. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!