Barefoot all his life

can you imagine never having to wear shoes all your life? you go to school, work, and go about your daily activities in bare feet without anybody giving a fuss about it. sounds like barefoot paradise? it sure does. too bad not all of us can be there. wonder where this place is? read my latest guestbook entry below:

Being born and bred in Nth Queensland has enabled me to live my whole life being barefoot. For 43 years I've never had the need for any footwear!

Went to Primary School in barefoot, High School barefoot and University barefoot. No looks of disgust or signs prohibiting barefeet. It's part of life here. Probably about 70% of our towns population are barefoot constantly with the other 30% only during the wet season.

Visitors to the town were here early this year and I heard them comment on the amount of barefooters. They were shocked when I told them that I've never had to wear shoes - not even to work! So long as you are aware of your surroundings and what you're doing, foot injuries become non-existant!

Anyway, to those who want to see another barefoot paradise, come to Nth Queensland - especially the smaller country towns!


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Where abouts in North Queensland? I've been to Cairns a few times and it's not particularly barefoot friendly.

  2. I always feel more comfortable barefoot. Though the UK isn't a great place for outdoor barefooting. Though I do it as much as I can indoors. Follow me on Twitter --

  3. Anonymous2:14 AM

    I'm a french barefooter leaving in Paris. I enjoy walking barefoot in Paris when the weather is not cold so I agree with you : going barefoot is very pleasant


  4. That sounds absolutely awesome! I am in the Bay Area of California and am getting a little tired of comments during the rainy season. Your state sounds wonderful to me. Then again, I guess Australians in general just know how to live :D

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I'm longing to live completly sans shoes. It's difficult to do so in Germany, but I try to be barefoot whenever possible, I think 80 % of my life.


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