barefoot vacation

a while back i had a friend from new zealand who visited me in hawaii with his family. he is also a barefooter and it was nice to get together after corresponding only through email for a while. we had a good time and here's the email he sent me after he went back to new zealand.

[written in Hawaii]
From a barefooting perspective, thanks to having conversed with you, you were right--barefooters are more prevalent in NZ than it is here, but rubber slippers (thongs) are more prevalent here. However, out of the places we've been to here, I've seen a few barefooters; and not much resistance or stares about it; which I would still consider barefoot friendly.

[continued on the flight on the way back home...]
We had to re-pack our suitcases in order to fit my running shoes in. Otherwise, I would have had no choice but to wear them. Thank goodness I didn't have to. I left the hotel barefooted into the six-windowed limousine, which had trouble turning around corners (not bad for US$20 + tips). I got to the airport, went to pick up my stored luggage, checked in the stuff; went through security, boarded the plane--not a single problem, not a single stare. Somehow, we ended up in an Air Pacific flight (Fiji Airline). It's some joint service with Canadian Airlines. Our boarding pass says flight FJ861 "sold as CP6121". I don't know whether it being a Fijian airline has anything to do with it, but I did not anticipate too much problems even on a real Canadian Airline flight from Honolulu to Auckland, both barefoot friendly destinations. I had my thongs in my carry-on, just in case nonetheless. Going through the gates, that was the first time in the whole trip that they asked me to open my carry-on to turn on my notebook PC to see though. I don't anticipate any problems landing barefoot in Auckland as well. I've done that before. So, basically as soon as I landed in Honolulu, I've been barefoot full-time again. Too bad it rained when we went to PCC. My feet would have been nice and black otherwise. Surprise, my wife put her sandals in the bag and landed in the Auckland airport barefoot along with me.

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