how i became a barefooter - part 2

then i went to college and moved far from my parents. there were quite a few students who went barefoot to classes especially in the spring and summer. outside campus i also saw plenty of people going barefoot in public places like grocery stores, restaurants, and other places. i thought that was the coolest thing! but i didn't immediately have the courage to do the same. it made me nervous in the beginning but at the same time i almost craved it. i just had to do it... i had to start going barefoot in public!

so what i did was try to do it gradually, one little barefoot step at a time :) i started by going barefoot within my apartment complex like going out to check the mail, doing my laundry, and taking out the garbage. later i tried walking around the neighborhood barefoot especially when it was dark, so that not too many people would see me. i had to admit i was shy about it although i knew i was not breaking any law or rules. after a while i was brave enough to do it when it was still light.

the feeling was heavenly! i felt total freedom, and was like living in a completely different word. i particularly enjoyed the sensation of being able to feel the different surfaces and stuff that i walked on such as concrete pavements, asphalt, and moist grass. i also love getting my feet all dirty :) you see, i'm kind of a shy person but also have a rebellious side that gets the thrill of breaking norms and taboos. by going barefoot i am able to satisfy that need without causing harm.